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Calculating carbon – you can’t reduce what you can’t measure

How do we know how much CO2 is actually being pumped into the air, and how confident are we that current data is good enough for climate modelling or indeed carbon trading? A new UK facility – the Centre for Carbon Measurement (CCS) – has been established to find out once and for all. Mitch Beedie reports.

Running power stations at peak performance

Automation is taking the power industry by storm as technologies emerge to increase efficiency and streamline resources. Mitch Beedie profiles several new technologies, including the latest web-based collaborative asset management software and automated new controls, for managing environmental impact.

Copenhagen’s Hope for Change

Global accord is needed for the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen to be a success. Mitch Beedie reports on the challenges that lie in wait.

Towards an Integrated Grid

Increasing efficiency and ensuring supply from renewable sources are key priorities in promoting their uptake. Mitch Beedie looks at how virtual power stations could be the answer.

Bringing Biomass Advances to the Masses

Optimising processes is vital in making fuel efficient technologies economically viable. Mitch Beedie looks at the latest developments in the biomass sector.

Powerful Myths Blown Away

Wind power is one of the cleanest and cheapest forms of energy available, but faces opposition from a vocal minority. Mitch Beedie looks at the hot air surrounding this renewable source.

Biofuels or Bust?

Rising costs and agricultural issues suggest that biofuels as they are now could do more harm than good. Mitch Beedie looks at the way governments must regulate the industry and lessen demand before the world hits crisis point.

Will Utilities Smarten Up?

Customers demand financial benefits while the onus is on power companies to improve their environmental record. Mitch Beedie investigates whether smart grids will make a difference, or if existing systems hold the key to energy efficiency.

Why Should the West Invest in Iran?

Despite political conflicts and investment issues, Iran is still a significant player in the power industry. Mitch Beedie takes a look at the country’s position in the global oil and gas markets, and its future potential in renewables.

Best Solutions for Plant Automation

Increasing power demands put pressure on plants worldwide, leading to necessary new technology and refurbishment. Mitch Beedie investigates the most suitable options available for power plant automation, whether installing new systems or retrofitting old ones.