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How viable is biomass production in the UK?

Nnamdi Anyadike investigates the UK’s investment into the paradox of biomass, a process which produces significant carbon emissions yet is often considered a clean energy source.

Building smart grids in the UK: Brexit clouds the bigger picture

The UK Government hopes that smart grids will pave the way towards a renewable energy future. But is it prepared to level the playing field with fossil fuels, and could Brexit throw a spanner in the works? Nnamdi Anyadike investigates.

The UK’s 2025 coal phase-out: pipe dream or a realistic road to renewables?

2016’s surge in renewables will be welcomed by the government, but is it sufficient to meet the 2025 phase-out deadline? Nnamdi Anyadike investigates.

Energy migration, starting with DONG

The next decade could see a European energy scene transformed beyond recognition by offshore wind power, as companies such as DONG energy defect from fossil fuels. Nnamdi Anyadike investigates the potential.

Swansea Tidal lagoon: an uncertain fate

The future of a series of tidal lagoon projects that could deliver up to 14,000MW of energy to UK coastal communities now hangs in the balance. Nnamdi Anyadike investigates.

Gibraltar wave power project surfs up possibilities across Europe

After years of lagging behind other forms of renewable energy, wave power has finally made an important commercial breakthrough. Nnamdi Anyadike examines Eco Wave Powers’ new project in Gibraltar.

Germany’s Energiewende: a renewable revolution on the ropes

Germany’s once vaunted renewable energy strategy looks to be running out of steam and threats to this EU renewable energy flagship could be compounded as EU-US TTIP trade talks step up a gear. Nnamdi Anyadike investigates.