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Bridging the renewables talent gap

Tom Hopkinson, CEO of Taylor Hopkinson, discusses how his company is helping to build sustainable careers in the renewable sector and smartly upskill those with transferable skills from complementary industries.

How emergency radio communication strategies save lives

According to studies, during a public emergency or natural disaster, information is just as vital to people’s survival as food and water.

Speed to power: emergency electricity systems are critical to business continuity

Governments and corporations all over the world must ensure against an interruption or outage of electrical power supplies to those it’s responsible for.

Pfeiffer Vacuum’s leak detection solutions for FCEVs

The company has been a major partner in providing leak testing solutions for the fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) market since its early days of development

Protecting emergency communications infrastructure with HF and VHF radio solutions

Critical communications systems and infrastructure must be robustly protected to ensure they cannot be intercepted or interrupted in any way

How hydrogen is paving the way for European energy independence

The scramble to decarbonise national energy supplies, while shoring them up against international tumult, is making diversification more important than ever. A hydrogen-driven remedy may be within touching distance, says Javier Cavada, President and CEO of Mitsubishi Power EMEA

Generate electrical power anywhere with EPSA’s CAT® Hybrid Microgrid System solutions

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Why perform a feasibility study for leak testing HVAC-R equipment?

Free Whitepaper Reliable Leak Testing for Safe and Easy Compliance With the F-Gas Regulation This whitepaper from Pfeiffer Vacuum outlines…

Understanding the costs of communications infrastructure failures in disaster emergencies

Free Whitepaper Barrett – Communications Principles and Planning As with all business planning, communication resilience needs to be clearly considered…