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Taylor Heyman

Thirst for power: improving water efficiency in coal-fired power plants

From China to India and South Africa, coal-fired power plants are being linked to water shortages and collectively consume enough water to meet the needs of one billion people worldwide. What can be done to improve water efficiency in the ever-thirsty global energy sector?

The dangers of maintaining nuclear waste in the UK

The UK nuclear industry has failed to allay public fears over the safe and cost-effective disposal of radioactive waste from legacy power plants such as Bradwell and Oldbury. Julian Turner spoke to Ann McCall of Radioactive Waste Management to ask whether or not current policies and technologies are fit for purpose.

Lighter and cleaner: could lithium-sulfur batteries be the next big thing?

Batteries using sulfur could be part of the answer to decarbonising our energy production and storage. How far are we from seeing lithium-sulfur batteries in every day products?

The Canadian start-ups pushing for a nuclear revival

In Canada, nuclear power accounts for around 15% of supply in an energy mix dominated by hydropower. No new nuclear plants have been built in 20 years, yet a broad range of small companies are beginning work on the next generation of nuclear technology. Could these projects help lead a nuclear revival in the country and the world?

Coal ash: time to take action

The disposal of coal ash – the by-product of coal-fired power generation – is an increasingly hot topic in the industry. With the US producing 140 million tonnes of coal ash in 2015 alone and concerns being raised about operators’ ability to keep coal ash toxins separate from drinking water supplies, what can utilities companies do to reuse ash safely?

Waste to energy: how London is turning its own lights on

The potential of waste to energy power plants has started to make its mark in the UK with a string of new builds now diverting waste from landfill. So how does energy recovery from waste work, and how far has its star risen? .

The Mirror of Tarapaca: Chilean power project harnesses both sun and sea

Located in the heart of Chile’s Atacama desert, the Espejo de Tarapacá project will combine solar power with seawater-driven hydropower to create a 24/7, non-intermittent stream of renewable energy. Rod James takes a closer look.

No longer the underdog: how wind is competing with fossil fuels

Renewables are increasingly part of the global energy conversation, with wind competing economically with fossil fuel-generated power in many cases. Taylor Heyman finds out how the industry got to this position and what it can do to make the economic case for wind.

Go figure: how a high-altitude drone could be the future of wind power

AmpyxPower is taking inspiration from water-skiers and drones in a project to harness the power of high-altitude wind for energy. Currently a start-up, how close are they to bringing airborne wind power to the world’s energy mix?

Local power for local people: the company giving back to its customers

A pioneering project in Northampton could change the way we power communities in the UK. Rolton Kilbride aims to construct small-scale, local power plants using waste as a fuel to provide electricity to local heavy energy users such as hospitals and factories, as well as giving the community cheaper energy. Can this concept be rolled out across the UK?