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The evolving nature of the nuclear industry

The nuclear energy sector does not shy away from innovation, with the industry embracing new methods and robotic tech to boost its safety and efficiency.

The state of UK tidal energy

Despite tidal’s growing popularity across the world, the UK Government is still hesitant as to whether to help encourage the renewable source. What stands in the way of its wider adoption?

Flexible Power Systems unveils £1.6m trial for EV wireless charging

A real-world trial of wirelessly charging electric vans has gone live in Edinburgh, Scotland, testing the service on four modified Vauxhall vans.

Impending climate crisis: what can the industry do now to rectify it?

We investigate how the UK energy industry can help rectify some of the damage already caused by excessive greenhouse gases.

Unpacking the IPCC climate report signalling “code red for humanity”

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has released its latest report that exposed the ways human activity is changing climate in unprecedented and somewhat irreversible ways.

Robotic technologies in offshore wind

With challenges across the offshore wind sector, we speak to experts to discover how robotics is helping overcome these obstacles.

EDF and Nissan partner for vehicle-to-grid EV charging

French utility company EDF has announced that it will partner with Japanese automaker Nissan to launch a new commercial vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charging service for EV fleet operators in the UK.

Bringing solar fuel to light

We investigate the efficiency of modern solar fuel and what Synhelion and Wood are working on collaboratively.

Reshaping renewable storage

We look into the innovations and the growing challenges of storing energy produced by renewable sources.

Bitcoin and renewables: is cryptocurrency mining problematic?

As the practise of bitcoin mining has gained popularity across the world, with countries such as China, Iceland, and Georgia leading the way, so has it drawn criticism. What are the common concerns associated with its consumption of energy?