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Aalborg Engineering is a specialist in the design and supply of steam boiler systems. With our focus on industrial package boilers and small to medium size HRSG boilers, we meet our customers’ needs with a range of boilers based on well-known and reliable boiler designs. Our staff deliver know-how from many years of experience in the boiler industry.

SteamGen™ 4 horizontal single drum package boiler

The SteamGen 4 is a horizontal single drum package boiler. It is the best available technology in the market for high-pressure industrial package boiler applications.

As the industry has become more and more dependant on a reliable steam supply with high efficiency, low emissions, fast load change rates, short erection time and less maintenance, it was necessary to find a new approach to the overall basic design. The Aalborg Engineering SteamGen 4 combines all these requirements and adds to this several other features:

  • Fully welded (no expanded tube to shell connections)
  • The design is of modular construction
  • Water cooled membrane walls
  • Low furnace load
  • Low emissions
  • High efficiency
  • Low water content
  • Fast start-up and load change rate
  • A well defined circulation system with unheated down comers
  • No radiant superheater
  • Fully drainable
  • Easy cleaning of the heating surfaces and removal of soot
  • Stand-by heating

The SteamGen 4 boiler meets all internationally recognized boiler codes such as PED/EN, TRD and BS.

SteamGen 6 with combined HRSG and auxiliary boiler

The SteamGen 6 is the optimal solution for applications where there is a need for a limited power production but with a large demand for steam. The design offers a performance which surpasses all other types of HRSGs. It has a capability to increase steam production more than five times compared to an unfired HRSG.

Offering the same unique benefits as the SteamGen 4, the SteamGen 6 additionally delivers the possibility of having a combined HRSG and auxiliary boiler.

The SteamGen 6 has the optimal and most documented performance in the gas turbine 5MW-50MW size range. It meets all internationally recognised boiler codes such as PED/EN, TRD and BS.

SteamGen 8 vertical HRSG for medium size gas turbines

Aalborg Engineering delivers the SteamGen 8, which offers the finest HRSG technology on the market.

SteamGen 8 is the vertical HRSG for medium size gas turbines and it is available with no or limited supplementary firing. The boiler provides the highest reliability in the most cost efficient solution.

The basic design is based on standardised solutions. It is possible to have more steam circuit pressure levels up to 120bar and various hot water levels, e.g. district heating.

The design can be configured for both on-shore/off-shore installations with indoor or outdoor equipment and stand-by heating. Steam temperatures are up to 540°C and controlled by surface or spray attemporation.

The vertical boiler has a number of benefits including:

  • Custom design to fit the specific requirements of each project
  • Small footprint compared to horizontal boilers
  • Fast start-up and response time
  • Natural or forced circulation
  • High efficiency
  • Fully drainable
  • Modular construction
  • Easily installed without use of large cranes

The SteamGen 8 boiler meets all internationally recognised boiler codes such as PED/EN, TRD and BS.

SteamGen 10 heat recovery after waste process gas streams

In various industries there is a large range of high energy consuming processes with waste gas streams. Aalborg Engineering developed the SteamGen 10, a special boiler for this application.

This HRSG boiler can be used for heat recovery after kilns, furnaces and other waste process gas streams, with a more or less aggressive composition and any amount of dust in the flue gas.

It is also possible to have additional firing where waste gas like CO can be combusted. The boiler is customised to meet specific client demands.

After-Sales Service

Aalborg Engineering recognises that your investment is considered a lifetime investment.

SteamGen™ 10

With the use of highly efficient boilers from Aalborg Engineering, it has been possible for Finnfjord to save 40% of its energy consumption and 250,000t of CO2, annually.

SteamGen™ 4

Aalborg Engineering specialises in the design and supply of steam boiler systems. Our objective is to become the preferred partner for customised boiler plants.

SteamGen™ 6

SteamGen™ 6 is a HRSG variation of our SteamGen™ 4, which takes the best design a step further.

SteamGen™ 8

In projects where power production is the primary requirement, it is necessary to optimise on criteria other than investment cost.

SteamGen™ 10 Generators

With the use of highly efficient boilers from Aalborg Engineering, it has been possible for Finnfjord to save 40% of its energy consumption and 250,000t of CO2, annually.

Balloki Combined Cycle Power Project

Balloki combined-cycle power plant is being developed in the Kasur district of Punjab, Pakistan. The 1.2GW project is being developed by the Government of Pakistan through the National Power Park Management Company Limited (NPPMCL), which is the holding company for the plant.

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