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Harris Pye Engineering

Design, Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Marine and Industrial Boilers

The Harris Pye Group is a global company specialising in industrial, offshore oil and gas, and marine sectors. Operating worldwide, our emphasis is on cost-effective repair, preventative maintenance and conversion work.

David Davies Road,
No. 2 Barry Dock,
CF63 4AB South Wales,
United Kingdom

The Harris Pye Group is a global company specialising in the industrial, offshore oil and gas, and marine sectors. Operating worldwide, our emphasis is on cost-effective repair, preventative maintenance and conversion work.

The group has a reputation as one of the world’s leading specialists in the design, supply, installation, commissioning, inspection and repair of marine and industrial boilers, including all associated steam systems. A constant stock of more than 400t of premium quality steel and alloy tubes ensures a rapid reaction to the repair requirements of clients.

Economiser range for recovery of waste heat

Power providers around the world are eager to take advantage of our Economiser range. It is designed to recover waste heat contained within boiler exhaust gases and transfer as much energy as possible to the incoming boiler feed water stream.

By using this ‘waste’ heat to pre-heat the incoming water stream, our Economisers help to ensure the ‘green’ credentials of power providers; they also provide ongoing savings through significant reductions in spiralling fuel bills. Each percentage efficiency gain provides the equivalent of savings in fuel usage; for example, an increase in efficiency of 6% relates to a 6% saving in fuel costs. Plus there are the added possibilities of carbon credit trading.

The range assists with meeting mandatory energy efficiency audit and reporting targets; it is available in designs suitable for most fuels and also results in lower emissions of CO² and NOx. In addition, it leads to lower particulates.

Condensers and heat exchanger services for power applications

We provide the following:

  • Heat exchangers and condenser services: we repair and restore main condensers, auxiliary condensers, feed heaters, cargo heaters, jacket water coolers and oil coolers
  • Large stocks of various sizes and grades of fully certified materials for immediate delivery: this includes: copper alloys, carbon steels, Inconel, SMO, stainless steels, super duplex and titanium
  • Retubing of main and auxiliary condensers, feed heaters, cargo heaters, jacket water coolers and oil coolers
  • Tube inserts: we can restore many failed units to full working order where the defect is known to be tube-end corrosion or erosion by way of the tube insert method
  • Chemical and mechanical cleaning: for this we use several methods including Teflon-coated jet brushes, which are propelled through the tubes at high speeds using compressed air and water
  • Inspections with three ball micrometers and full colour video optic equipment
  • Protective coatings for tube plate protection: 100% solid polymeric epoxies formulated to cope with conditions such as abrasion, corrosion, contamination and galvanic action

Boiler systems, surveys, repairs and tubes

For boiler systems, we offer:

  • Deck boilers: these can easily be adapted and modified for use in any number of applications that require power or process steam
  • Complete boiler systems: we provide every aspect of design, supply, installation and commissioning. There are a limited number of companies that offer this technology and equipment to the market, let alone the turnkey possibility
  • Boiler surveys and inspections: boiler plants, turbines, steam chests, valves using state-of-the-art inspection equipment and procedures such as preventative maintenance, remnant life assessment, fibre optic inspection, non-destructive testing, replicate testing, ultrasonic thickness gauging
  • Boiler repair, i.e. retubing: new tube plates and headers, superheaters, economisers, air heaters and combustion systems, headers and tube manipulation, chemical cleaning, mechanical cleaning, as well as refractory renewals
  • Boiler tube supply: water tubes, smoke tubes, waste heat and steam systems

Supply, installation and commissioning of combustion equipment

We supply, install and commission all combustion equipment, including automatic combustion controls (ACC) and burner management systems (BMS), field gas, heavy fuel oil (HFO) and marine diesel oil (MDO) fuel delivery skids, feed and condensate systems as well as steam distribution systems. We can also supply process equipment such as turbo-alternators and crude heaters. In addition, we offer full conversion services from HFO to dual fuel, such as re-turbing, as well as equipment for combustion and dual-fuel (field gas and MDO.

All sizes of carbon steel tubing, pipes and fittings in stock

We offer all sizes of carbon steel boiler tubing, pipe and fittings, including stainless-steel pipe and fittings, chrome-Moly alloy steels, Cronite brackets, specialist duplex and high alloy steels, non-ferrous tubing, pipe and fittings. This is in addition to ancillary products, such as refractory, high-temperature insulation, plastic pipe, GRP pipe and fittings or Corten plate and Grade A plate, as well as stainless steel of all sizes.

Plain and extended surface exhaust gas economiser

We offer comprehensive design and manufacturing facilities for both plain tube and extended surface exhaust gas economiser assemblies. We also provide extended surface configurations include single, double ‘H’ gilled, helical wound and pin type.

Instrumentation and electrical control

We specialise in the instrumentation and electrical market, covering the design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of boiler combustion control, as well as burner management, monitoring and data acquisition systems, discharge monitoring systems, inert gas control systems, and process pressure / temperature / level / viscosity control systems.

We also offer fixed and portable tank gauging and monitoring systems, fire and safety system servicing and certification. In addition, we provide the service, repair, calibration and certification of fixed and portable gas detection equipment.

Steelwork, pipework services and the steel fabrication of skids

We design, manufacture and install sandwich plate (SPS) systems. Work includes full pipework system design and installations for cooling water, hydraulic control and fire-fighting systems in a wide range of specialist materials, such as ferrous and non-ferrous tubing, pipes and fittings, cryogenic PVC, GRP, hydraulic, as well as stainless-steel pipes and fittings.

Harris Pye: Industrial Boilers

From design to installation Harris Pye is one of a very few companies able to provide complete turnkey boiler systems, encompassing every aspect of design, supply, installation and commissioning. Each boiler is designed to suit a client's specific requirements.

PSEG Keys Energy Center, Maryland

The PSEG Keys Energy Center is a natural gas fired, combined-cycle power plant proposed to be constructed in Prince George’s County, approximately 1.25 miles (2km) east of Brandywine, Maryland, US.

Ferrybridge Multifuel 1 (FM1) Project

Ferrybridge Multifuel 1 (FM1) is a multi-fuel power station located on a 16.2ha site adjacent to the existing Ferrybridge C Power Station near Knottingley, West Yorkshire, UK. The 68MW power plant was fully commissioned in July 2015.

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