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ETD Announces Free Power Plant Cost and Performance Analysis Webinar in October

Join ETD for a free 50-minute webinar on why cost and performance analysis is a powerful way to assess short and long-term impact for strategic decision making, and to understand some of the drivers behind these impacts.

The event will be held on the 29 October, at 3pm London, UK, time and 10am New York, US, time. It will be presented by Mr Sean Hampson a senior engineer with experience in power plant cost analysis and its relationship to component damage and cost mitigation studies in cyclic plants.

Key learning goals

  • Use of cost and performance in benchmarking analyses
  • Recent findings of start-up costs using top-down statistical analysis
  • Projected cost impact of renewables on fossil units in a system
  • Engineering drivers behind cost increases
  • Benefits of bottom-up analysis and new methods
  • Overview of asset management strategies for increased cost efficiency

Importance of cost and performance analysis

Global privatisation of the power industry has resulted in changes in the ownership and management of power plants. Economic conditions, environmental restrictions, the ensuing competition and demand by shareholders for higher profits have resulted in an increasing need to supply power on demand.

Market demands have increased the need for the conventional and combined cycle gas turbines (CCGTs) being subjected to load-following and / or two-shifting / cyclic operation. However, cyclic operation can introduce new types and higher rates of damage, and therefore result in increased maintenance and repair costs.

In order to operate the plants efficiently, reliably and profitably plant operators need to understand and predict the cost and reliability impact of cyclic operation due to increased damage, increased maintenance and inspection and decreases in component lifetimes. They also need to understand the relative performance of their plant compared to other units and why.

ETD Consulting is launching a webinar for utilities from around the globe to provide for better understanding of cost and performance analysis and how it can be used for the benefit of the utility.

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