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plastocor® Celebrates 65 Years of Invention, Innovation and Inspiration with New Web Page

At plastocor® our passion lies in our spirit of innovation and so we are excited to invite you to take a glimpse at 65 years of proud legacy by visiting our new web page. Over the next months, we will be taking you on a discovery of plastocor®’s original ideas and sharing some insights into plastocor® originals behind the scenes, just click on The Original button on our homepage.

As the original inventor and developer of the plastocor® Cladding System, we are celebrating a legacy stretching over six decades that is steeped in vision, invention and continuity. Our trajectory has seen plastocor® grow into a global entity bringing the foresight and cutting edge know-how of its founder to power plants worldwide.

Discover the world of plastocor® original!

Over the next months, we invite you to visit plastocor® The Original and walk with us through plastocor® past, present and future steeped in invention, innovation and inspiration and discover how we truly are The Original!

It is as a testament to Dipl-Ing Ernst Kreiselmaier, that plastocor® has built up long-standing and respectful business partnerships over these last 65 years. Sometimes we wonder, what would a young Dipl-Ing Ernst Kreiselmaier think of how the coating system he invented, plastocor® Cladding System, is now applied worldwide on thousands of tube sheets.

From small beginnings, great things can grow. plastocor®’s growth in the protection and repair of corrosion and erosion problems in condensers is anchored firmly in the foresight of the pioneer engineer, Dipl-Ing Ernst Kreiselmaier.

For more than 65 years, the original plastocor® Cladding System has protected and repaired tube sheets in thousands of power plants worldwide. Applying our flagship protective coating system is to apply quality assured standards. Our extension of the lifespan of a tube sheet has proven to be of up to 25 years and if applied from Day One of operations, maximum longevity. To learn more click on our full company profile available on this site.

Here at plastocor® we are proud of our legacy and even more excited about our future. We look forward to sharing and celebrating plastocor® 65 years The Original!

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