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plastocor® Approved Applicators Delivering plastocor® Original Technology Worldwide

When starting out in the 1950s, little did Dipl-Ing Ernst Kreiselmaier think his breakthrough invention, the original plastocor® Cladding System, would be applied in thousands of power plants worldwide some decades later. But, that is exactly what has happened! Thanks to the plastocor® team of Approved Applicators, plastocor-international SA supplies our pioneer plastocor® Solutions to a global client base.

One such applicator is Arudra Engineers, based in India. Fully trained and authorised by our experts, Arudra as an approved applicator have been applying plastocor® original High-Performance Coatings across Asia for nearly two decades now.

Bringing plastocor® know-how to our global clients

plastocor® original Coatings Solutions can only be applied by a fully trained applicator. Our team of experts train each applicator so that plastocor® standards are met worldwide.

plastocor® guarantees that when clients apply our original systems via our Approved Applicators, they receive all the durability, quality and innovation The Original possesses.

Natraj Raman, Managing Director Arudra Engineers, plastocor® Approved Applicator in India.

Spotlight on Arudra Engineers – plastocor® Approved Applicator since 2003

Arudra Engineers, as a plastocor® Approved Applicator and distributor, supplies plastocor® Technology to the Indian market as well as to Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and, most recently, Australia.

plastocor® Approved Applicators allow plastocor® bespoke Solutions to be applied as quickly as possible in the shortest downtime possible, avoiding long and costly shutdowns. Approved Applicators such as Arudra ensure our high standards of excellence are met in every power plant where plastocor® original Technology is applied.

Arudra quality workmanship combined with plastocor® quality coatings provides our global clients with the most state-of-the-art protection and repair.

Successful collaborations with global clients

As part of an ongoing project, Arudra is currently working with GE Power Systems India in India where plastocor® Cladding System is being applied to protect condenser tube sheets and plastocor® High-Performance Coating Systems are applied to the water boxes.

Earlier in 2021 plastocor® and Arudra collaborated successfully at Bayswater Power Plant in Australia. Here plastocor® Cladding and plastocor® Inlet coating systems were applied. And all this while abiding by strict Covid-19 protocols, keeping both workers and client employees safe.

Thanks to Approved Applicators such as Arudra, plastocor® is maintaining active customer care in the field during this ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

To find out more about plastocor® Approved Applicators and our global activity, click ‘Make an Enquiry’ at the top of this page.

plastocor® Approved Applicators delivering plastocor® Original Technology worldwide.

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