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On Corrosion Awareness Day 2021 Discover plastocor® holistic Solutions for Corrosion Prevention and Repair

Preventing corrosion is our area of expertise. And after more than 65 years in the business, we know that the best anti-corrosion method is the application from day one of plastocor® Advanced Coating Systems. Not only prevention, but also repair of older cooling water equipment is an added advantage of applying our pioneer solutions. Prevention. Repair. Optimisation – discover how our unparalleled package, plastocor® Solutions, is your smart, simple, sustainable choice when it comes to corrosion damage.

Prevent. Repair. Optimise.

Corrosion and the cost of corrosion damage to the power generation industry runs into significant figures annually. The World Corrosion Organisation celebrates Corrosion Awareness Day on 24 April every year to highlight the “enormous costs associated with corrosion worldwide (3% to 4% of GDP of industrialised countries)”.

Given such figures, it is a critical issue for plant operators to manage, requiring urgent and constant attention when considering the efficient and optimised functioning of condensers, heat exchangers and other cooling water equipment. When taking questions of safety into account, and the risks to people’s lives, it becomes imperative to find the highest-quality solutions.

plastocor® Technology – delivering corrosion solutions

The wealth of experience and know-how we have built up, allows us to confidently state that plastocor® Advanced Coating Systems offer the ultimate technology necessary to successfully tackle damage caused by corrosion, and when applied from Day One, we offer the maximum longevity for equipment life.

Taking the potential threats and costs of corrosion damage seriously is an absolute must in any power plant. We are proud at plastocor® to offer our solutions to increase the safe and efficient running of equipment, contributing to improved reliability, output and performance.

Afterall, at plastocor® we have been preventing and repairing corrosion damage for over 65 years now.

At plastocor® we know a thing or two about corrosion prevention and repair. It’s what we do!

So click ‘Make an Enquiry’ at the top of this page to learn how plastocor® is delivering our pioneer solutions for corrosion prevention and repair during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

And to read more on plastocor® holistic solutions and state-of-the-art coatings to deal with corrosion issues, you can also request a copy of plastocor® Technology.

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