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Experts Back plastocor® State-of-the-Art Technology

In 1987, the Allianz Loss Prevention Handbook recommended the ‘special plastocor inlet process’ to illustrate what a protective tube coating should be like so as to last at least ten years. Just as our original plastocor® Cladding System blazed a trail in condenser tube sheet anti-corrosion protection, so too have our original technology systems set insurance standards in the field.

plastocor-international SA’s history is one of providing long-term corrosion and erosion protection, which involves low maintenance and comes with a guaranteed ten year lifespan of coated areas. We are proud to have received such recognition and continue to strive to provide our clients with ever-improved protective coatings, with ever-improved lifetime extension.

Applying plastocor® Coating Systems comes, not only with the plastocor® guarantee of quality, but is also recommended by top insurers.

Why choose plastocor® state-of-the-art Technology

Our one-stop turnkey, made-to-measure protective coating solutions are designed to provide maximum optimisation and protection to condensers, heat exchangers and other cooling water cycle equipment.

When you choose plastocor®, you choose: Reliability. Original. Pioneer. Trust. Tradition. Innovation. Bespoke Solutions. 65 years of Know-How. Efficiency. Cost-Effectiveness. Sustainability. A World Leader. Expert Care.

Plus the plastocor® original red coatings that protect and repair condenser tube sheets and tubes from corrosion and erosion damage carry the recommendation of the Allianz Loss Prevention Handbook.

Honoured to have received such backing, at plastocor® we work continually towards upholding our reputation for quality and high standards of excellence.

Placing our client’s needs at the forefront of our expert analysis, diagnosis and treatment recommendations mean plastocor® Technology Systems deliver bespoke solutions that carry the trust and confidence of the insurance industry’s top experts, Allianz. We could not be more proud.

To find out more about plastocor® Coating Systems as recommended by Allianz, click ‘Make an Enquiry’ at the top of this page.

plastocor® Original –  Delivering Allianz assured performance and quality worldwide

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