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plastocor-international Offers Solutions to Meet Power Industry Demand

plastocor® offers pioneer technology solutions for growing power generation industry.

As the demand for power generation continues to grow, ageing power plants need to upgrade to continue providing reliable and sustainable sources of energy.

There is a need for innovative solutions that ensure both old and new conventional power plants and renewables are equipped with the most efficient technology that best meets the challenges the power industry is facing.

plastocor® one-stop turnkey services provide new long-term and upgrade solutions, that improve reliability and availability in power generation without imposing substantial burdens to operational budgets.

The ability of a plant to ensure reliability is critical in the overall infrastructure of the energy supply chain.

Rather than replacing equipment such as a new tube sheet or retubing, which can involve extremely high costs, plastocor® state-of-the-art technology provides plant operators with optimisation alternatives at a fraction of the usual costs.

plastocor-international coating systems and technology can transform ageing plants and revitalise their equipment, enabling them to not only to continue operating but to improve efficiency and performance.

plastocor® cladding system is a world leader in condenser tube sheet protection, especially in repairing and preventing galvanic corrosion. plastocor® inlet system removes step-erosion, while plastocor® tube-lining system eliminates the risk of fouling.

Suitable for a wide variety of substrates, plastocor® high-performance coating system is engineered to endure the extreme conditions of the condenser and cooling water equipment. Used in combination, these systems provide the plant units with optimal protection.

plastocor® innovative solutions can not only be used to revitalise ageing power plants, but they can also be applied in new plants and used in renewables from the start of the operations to ensure the maximum lifespan of the equipment.

plastocor® offers an integrated package from initial diagnosis to after-sales care and its flexible nature guarantees optimal protection.

60 years of continued investment in research and development enabled plastocor-international to continually develop new sectors, building on traditional values.

plastocor-international CEO Felicia Kreiselmaier said: “Being CEO of plastocor-international SA is about continuing to provide customers with innovative and trusted solutions. We value development that is innovation-driven while firmly anchored on traditional values and know-how.”

The company’s experience in long-term maintenance-free corrosion and erosion protection and repair, as well as an innovation-driven vision to enhance the condenser, heat exchanger and cooling water cycle performance lead to a preventative approach based on sustainability and quality.

plastocor-international SA will be attending POWERGEN Europe 2019 in Paris in November. Participants will be able to find the company representatives at booth J20 and discuss how its innovation-driven technology can work for their power plant or wind farm.

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