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plastocor® Bringing RPR® Technologies to the Swiss Market

In keeping with our innovation-driven spirit, plastocor-international SA is happy to announce it is introducing RPR® Technologies to the Swiss market. Using RPR®’s patented induction heating technology for removal of coatings from steel substrates, this joint collaboration aims to enhance the optimisation of Swiss power plant operations.

plastocor® will be hosting Demonstration Days of RPR® Technology for interested parties and we are happy to organise such a demonstration at your facility. Available worldwide, RPR®’s induction technology can be used everywhere, from power plants to offshore platforms. And now, thanks to the collaboration with plastocor®, is also available on the Swiss market.

plastocor® and RPR® – Experienced solutions join forces

plastocor-international SA is a global provider of plastocor® corrosion and erosion protection and repair solutions for condensers and other cooling water equipment.

RPR Technologies is the world’s fastest, safest and cleanest method for removing paint and coating from steel surfaces.

plastocor® and RPR® – Integral solutions from experienced experts!

RPR® by plastocor-international SA in Switzerland – What to expect?

plastocor-international SA enjoys a proven track record in its field of condenser care, as does RPR® Technologies enjoy a reliable track record in offering cost-efficient and secure technology for removing paint and coatings.

Together with our partner in France, plastocorfrance SAS, who has already garnered more than 10 years experience in training applicators and providing technical support in RPR® Technologies, plastocor-international SA is now looking forward to bringing this proven technology to the Swiss market.

Demonstration Days are planned to showcase how these technologies work together to offer the most integral solution for condenser care. We will be happy to organise a demonstration of RPR® Technology at your facility. If interested, please contact us and we can send you an idea of what a demonstration day involves!

To find out more about plastocor and RPR® Technologies on the Swiss Market or if interested in organising a Demonstration Day, please click ‘Make an Enquiry’ at the top of this page.

plastocor® and RPR® –  Pioneer. Proven. Technologies.

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