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Smart, Clean Power Technology Providing Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Benefits

plastocor® environmentally friendly solutions provide a green alternative for conventional power generation plants in their transition to a more sustainable future.

Transitioning to a green energy mix and the challenges that it poses for the power generation industry requires innovative solutions that ensure conventional power plants are equipped with the most efficient technology that best meets these challenges. The push towards a 100% renewable energy transformation means that there is a need to improve the sustainable lifespan of structures.

plastocor-international SA is meeting these challenges by providing smart, clean technology that offers sustainable and environmentally friendly benefits across the entire power generation industry, including wind utilities, petrochemical, FGD, and desalination plants.

plastocor® – delivering a sustainable tomorrow, today

plastocor® current portfolio includes products that are suitable for use along the entire cooling water cycle, contributing to significant enhancement in efficiency and reliability. Galvanic corrosion and dealloying, fouling, leakages, tube-to-tube-sheet joint cracks, and general and step-erosion are just some of the problems that can lead to less efficiency of the condenser and consequently an entire power plant, leading to environmental stress.

For more than 60 years, plastocor® has been a leader in supplying state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly solutions for the protection and repair of corrosion and erosion damage found along the entire cooling water cycle. Key to solving these multiple challenges is the selection and use of 100% solids, zero VOC, UV stable, non-flammable, solvent-free polymeric epoxy-based materials.

Providing solutions for a green transition

At plastocor®, we take a preventative approach to optimising cooling water equipment. Applying our High-Performance Coating Technology from Day 1 guarantees the optimal life extension of units. Protecting units in this way allows for overall efficiency to considerably increase, maximising equipment availability and reducing the loss of equipment life.

Plus our solutions are fast. A team of highly trained and locally skilled plastocor® Expert Applicators are available at short notice and our solutions can be applied anywhere around the world, within days.

plastocor® technology consists of a two-component, 100% solids, non-VOC, solvent-free, epoxy coating system. As a result, the system is suitable for application in confined spaces and in areas where other work is taking place, without major modifications to work schedules or jeopardising worker safety.

Our products are non-toxic to the environment and significantly outperform conventional solvent-based and polyurethane coatings. plastocor® systems are not only smart and simple, they are also sustainable as they eliminate almost all metal ion discharges to the cooling water such as copper, zinc, arsenic, in compliance with strict environmental standards. For example, the plastocor® Tube Lining System helps prevent fouling, increasing the flow rate and eliminating the need for chemical cleaning.

Case study – CEA PHENIX Nuclear Power Plant, France

By applying plastocor® Tube Lining System this plant was able to avoid two unplanned shutdowns related to corrosion induced tube ruptures in a period of 1.5 years. Tests conducted showed that plastocor® Tube Lining of the full length of the tubes reduced heavy metal discharge via the cooling water, thus having a direct impact on drastically improving the water quality of the Rhone River.

Key ecological benefits

  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Reduced environmental stress
  • Reduced heavy metal output

plastocor® durable, environmentally friendly solutions contribute to building a more sustainable and greener power generation industry. And not only do our solutions take care of the environment, they also look after budgets by providing an excellent return on investment. Should you wish to know more about how we can help your power plant transition to greener power generation, please contact us via the enquiry form on this page.

plastocor-international SA – your green solution provider.

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