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plastocor® – A Track Record that Speaks for Itself.

Over the last number of months, we have embarked upon a journey to showcase to the world how a breakthrough invention some 65 years ago continues to impact the world of condenser corrosion and erosion protection and repair. A metaphorical ‘trip down memory lane’ to highlight a legacy that remains true to its pioneering spirit and drive for innovation. And, always with you, our client, centre stage.

65 plus years of knowledge and expertise, from on-site experience, research and development, allows plastocor® to add value to every step of the coating solution process. Offering you, our client, the guarantee of quality and longevity that only The Original can possess.

We hope to continue walking this road together, one built on trust, mutual respect and valued partnerships. 65 years – and in 2021 plastocor® continues to go from strength to strength.

Celebrating 65 years of plastocor® innovation

Blazing a trail in condenser care since our invention of the original plastocor® Cladding System, continued development of plastocor® original Technology over more than six decades, extending plastocor® Solutions to new markets – we’ve a lot to celebrate!

Sometimes numbers speak louder than words – especially when it adds up to trust, respect and reliability.

Adding up the numbers

plastocor® Cladding at 65!

Celebrating 65 years of the original plastocor® Cladding System!! Our original red coating for tube sheet protection is recognised globally as our mark of quality.

plastocor® Inlet at 40+!

More than 40 years protecting new, and repairing old, condenser and heat exchanger tubes, from inlet and outlet end erosion and corrosion, while also eliminating step-erosion.

plastocor® Tube Lining at over 25!

Still supplying its unique form of recuperating already lost tubes and preventing costly retubing of condensers. Full-length tube protection that delivers!

plastocor® 2021

New challenges, new markets, same quality service. Optimising operations through constant innovation, today the plastocor® team continues to deliver The Original worldwide.

To find out more about plastocor’s 65 year legacy in protecting and repairing condensers and other cooling water cycle equipment, click ‘Make an Enquiry’ at the top of this page.

plastocor® The Original – 65 years of enhancing reliability, optimisation and efficiency.

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