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Putting Worker Safety First at MINExpo 2021

Mining companies today face complex challenges as never before. Under increasing pressures to create a safe work environment and lower environmental impact, while also reducing costs, mining operations must be more efficient than ever. 

To help address these challenges Quaker Houghton (NYSE: KWR) and SIFCO ASC, a subsidiary of Quaker Houghton, will be exhibiting their wide range of innovative mining fluid solutions and selective electroplating offerings at MINExpo 2021, Booth 1423, from September 13 – 15, 2021, in Las Vegas, Nevada, US.

Quaker Houghton and SIFCO ASC’s key mining fluid solutions and technologies include:

  • Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluids and Longwall Fluids: QUINTOLUBRIC® is used for fire-hazardous and environmentally sensitive applications without compromising overall operations as well as for longwall roof supports and storage fluids.
  • Dust Suppressants: DUSTGRIP® family of dust suppression products help reduce the generation of dust particles from mines, roads, stockpiles, rail hauls, construction sites, quarries, and other areas where dust control is a problem.
  • Ground Control Agents: MINETECH™ features outstanding mechanical properties and flexibility to be an effective ground consolidation and stabilisation tool.
  • Selective Electroplating Technologies: A unique method of portable electroplating, with the SIFCO Process® one can selectively plate localised areas on components without using an immersion tank. It improves component performance, minimises downtime and reduces manufacturing costs, and can be implemented manually, mechanised or automated for high volumes.

Complementing Quaker Houghton’s offerings include gear lubricants that withstand the extreme operation conditions experienced by heavily loaded enclosed gears, industrial greases, which reduce fluid-related problems in extreme applications, and maintenance cleaners, providing cleaner housings and machinery along with optimum surface quality.

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