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SIFCO ASC and Bell Helicopter Reveal Research Behind New Corrosion Protection at SUR FIN 2014

Scientific research on a less toxic alternative to rotorcraft corrosion protection will be presented by SIFCO ASC and Bell Helicopter experts at the National Association for Surface Finishing’s (NASF) SUR FIN Manufacturing and Technology Tradeshow and Conference 2014 in Cleveland, Ohio, US.

Zhimin Zhong, research scientist at SIFCO ASC, and Peter McCallum, an engineer at American rotorcraft manufacturer Bell Helicopter, are the technical experts behind the paper, and will be speaking about their findings on 10 June at 10:00am at the Cleveland Convention Centre.

The paper looks at the characterisation of Zn-Ni coatings as a replacement for cadmium electrodeposit for rotorcraft applications,

High strength steel requires corrosion protection when used in rotocraft to prevent failure of flight critical components. Cadmium electrodeposit is traditionally used for these applications due to its excellent corrosion protection, however it is also highly toxic. In order to adhere to new design requirements, Zhimin and Peter evaluated zinc-nickel coatings as a less toxic alternative.

The SUR FIN exhibition runs from 9 June to 14 June, and is recognised as the global surface finishing industry’s leading conference. It is hosted by professionals from around the world who share their valuable knowledge in solving the industry’s most complex challenges while improving productivity.

Zhimin Zhong said: "By working with Bell Helicopter we have unearthed a viable alternative for corrosion protection in the aerospace industry while minimising toxicity. Peter and I are thrilled to be invited to share our research with delegates of the SUR FIN conference and hope that they go away with a fresh perspective on surface finishing."

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