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SIFCO ASC to Offer Expert Selective Plating Advice in Free Webinar

SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts (ASC) will offer expert advice about the processes of selective plating and selective anodising in a free webinar taking place on 24 April.

Designed to deliver insights into overcoming the challenges faced by manufacturers and operators today, Spec’d In: Brush Plating & Anodizing for Aerospace – the free-to-attend webinar – will provide expert information and advice for manufacturers throughout the aerospace supply chain.

For the aerospace industry, efficiency is key when keeping up with the surge in demand currently being experienced by the commercial sector. Combined with legislative changes, particularly around the use of chemicals such as cadmium, those within the industry are facing several key challenges. The processes of selective plating and selective anodising offer effective solutions, helping manufacturers to achieve the robust surface finishing standards of the industry.

Taking place on April 24, “Spec’d In” – delivered by Danijela Milosevic-Popovich, SIFCO ASC’s Research and Development Manager – will help attendees understand the selective plating and anodising processes and how they offer efficient and portable enhancement and repair options for aerospace components.

Danijela said: “Our webinar is designed to provide attendees with expert insight into the use of selective plating and anodising, and how these processes are helping to drive greater efficiency within the aerospace supply chain. The processes are already specified in overhaul and standard practice manuals, so this webinar will look at when and why these processes should be used over alternatives such as tank plating. We’ll also be sharing real-world examples which demonstrate time and cost savings associated with the processes, as well as how customers can use automation to improve quality and consistency in their plating operations.

“Within the aerospace industry right now, it’s both an exciting and challenging time. The sector is extremely buoyant with increasing demand, however, this places a strain on manufacturers throughout the supply chain, while the MRO market is under increased pressure to keep aircraft in operation for as long as possible. Our webinar will help manufacturers to understand how they can maximise efficiencies, making them more competitive and elevating levels of quality throughout the industry.”

Those wishing to join the webinar should contact the company via the enquiry form.

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