SIFCO ASC to Offer Free Automation Benefits Webinar with Derek Kilgore
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SIFCO ASC to Offer Free Automation Benefits Webinar with Derek Kilgore

Selective plating technology and solutions supplier SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts (ASC) is inviting customers to learn about selective plating and the benefits of automating the process at its free webinar.

Designed to deliver insights into overcoming the challenges faced by manufacturers and operators today, the Automation: The Key to Plating Efficiency webinar will provide manufacturers with expert information and advice.

Across all industries, the process of selective plating has become a trusted method of meeting the high demands placed on surface coatings, ensuring consistent quality and performance to protect critical components in even the harshest operating environments.

However, as industry competitiveness rises, efficiency becomes crucial. Therefore, increasingly more companies are investing in automation. Fully customised machines can be designed for repair or OEM applications to apply engineered deposits with minimal need for operator intervention, changing the perceived notion of a once highly manual operation.

By using real-world examples, the webinar will highlight automation of the selective plating process’ key benefits, which include safety, ergonomics, eliminating or reducing operator errors, improving process consistency, data capturing and reporting, part traceability, optimising solution management, reducing chemical usage and handling and making space savings.

Taking place on Wednesday 28th August at 10am, and to delivered by SIFCO ASC’s mechanical design and project engineer Derek Kilgore, Automation: The Key to Plating Efficiency will help attendees to understand why they should consider automating their selective plating operations, while also explaining their automation options. These include programmable power packs to fully automated selective plating systems.

Kilgore said: “Our webinar is designed to provide attendees with expert insight into what is involved with automating a selective plating operation and how it can drive greater efficiency, quality and safety.

“I’ll also share some real-world examples, which will demonstrate the time and cost savings associated with the automated processes.

“This webinar will help manufacturers understand how they can maximise efficiencies, making them more competitive [and] elevating levels of quality throughout the industry.”

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