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SIFCO ASC Drives Quality, Flexibility and Safety with TechnoPlate® Power Pack

SIFCO ASC has created a solution to improve quality, flexibility and safety in the selective plating process.

The new power pack line, TechnoPlate®, which has been developed in collaboration with German-based Plating Electronics (PE), equips users with the ultimate flexibility when it comes to selective plating. Its lightweight design means the power pack is 30% lighter than previous models, making it highly portable for use on the shop floor or in the field, perfectly complementing the plating process, which can be applied in a dedicated workshop or as a truly mobile service. The TechnoPlate® units also offer the functionality to store up to ten application steps, negating the need for the operator to adjust critical settings such as volts, amps or polarity throughout the plating operation.

In addition to the TechnoPlate®’s greatly improved software features, built-in overload protection sees the unit immediately turn off output power if it becomes overloaded, improving protection and safety, while a detachable and adjustable control panel improves flexibility and usability. In practice, this enables the user to position the controller for use up to nine feet away from the unit for greater practicality in tight working spaces.

SIFCO ASC technical manager Derek Vanek said: “The TechnoPlate® has been in development for more than two years as our team have worked to create a line of equipment which improves the selective plating process for users. The beauty of our plating process is that it is entirely portable, meaning it can be applied virtually anywhere, requiring only a power pack, plating tools, small volumes of solutions and a trained operator. By making the power pack lighter, easier to use and building in improved functionality, the selective plating process is more flexible than ever and delivers consistent quality every time.”

“Now we have the TechnoPlate® fully developed to perfectly complement the selective plating process, we’ll be showcasing it at SURFIN (June 3-5th) so our customers can test its functionality and speak to our team – who were instrumental in its development – to understand how they could benefit from using the TechnoPlate® themselves.”

The TechnoPlate®’s other features include dual input voltage (100-250V single phase), switch mode technology for greater accuracy and efficiency and pole changer, enabling a change of polarity with the touch of a button. A fully digital LED display and adjustable front cover also make for greater practicality and ease of use.

SIFCO ASC’s 15-amp and 60-amp TechnoPlate® units will be available for purchase beginning in July, and further models will be added to the line later in the year.

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