This is the first time that OKR Cleaning will participate on the Danish stand at SMM. The company sees it as a unique opportunity to meet others in marine industry and establish contact with important organisations within the field.

At the fair, OKR will an air pressure cleaning system, which continuously removes small amounts of deposits during operation, avoiding switching of and opening the boiler for manual cleaning. Installations on marine boilers would therefore improve the efficiency of the entire system by maintaining optimally heat transfer and increasing the intervals between cleaning considerably. The result is increased economic efficiency.

Tangible effect

In 1992 OKR developed the system, AEROVIT. The patented system can be integrated onto both new and existing boilers, catalysts, heat exchangers and economisers and can in principle be tailored to all operating situations.

The heat exchanger on the autoliner Höegh Trident is an evident proof of AEROVIT’s cleaning ability. Director of Wärtsilä Boiler Services Denmark, Michael Søndergaard, says after inspection in Dubai, “The system works impeccable here too. I can almost wear a white shirt inside the economiser.” The company bought the system in October 2008. Just four months after installing
AEROVIT on the sister vessel Höegh Trooper.

The effect of AEROVIT is therefore tangible. The system operates with very powerful blasts of compressed air, which shoots deposits loose from boiler tubes, reversing chambers and boiler sections. The deposit is collected in filters made for the purpose. The process is fully automatic and results in an 80% – 100% reduction in manual boiler cleaning.

More than energy savings

Today two Croatian cargo vessels, two Norwegian autoliners and a Polish ferry are equipped with AEROVIT.

In 2008, the Croatian shipping company Jadroplov bought an AEROVIT system for the cargo vessel M.V. Split. The response from the technical superintendent, Mr. Zdravko, is positive. According to him, AEROVIT has considerably reduced the undesired downtimes during manual cleaning of the boiler.

After 6,000 hours of operation, the boiler has not yet been stopped. The crew can concentrate on other tasks thus resulting in considerable savings of time and money. Furthermore, the oil consumption is reduced because of an improved utilisation of the fuel, explains Zdravko Kesic.

In view of the tight space conditions on some vessels and the possibility of delivering cleaning equipment to water tube boilers, OKR has recently designed a rotating soot blower, AEROVIT Type R. The system is installed between two tube sections.

Its main advantages is that it requires less exterior space and allows an automatic 360° rotation with powerful blasts of compressed air, which cleans every inch of the boiler sections. The first six systems were delivered to an Italian customer in May 2010.

Visit us at SMM in Hamburg on 7-10 September 2010 OKR at the Danish stand, B1.EG.990.