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Gas Compressor Systems at PTT, Thailand

Pneumofore gas compressor systems are running since 2019 at the Rayong plant of PPT, the largest corporation in Thailand operating in the global oil and gas industry.

The first installed unit was a K120.4 W rotary vane compressor system. The machine is running 24 hours a day, seven days a week at full load for the compression of biogas at 2 bar(g) with 1.450 m3/h capacity.

A second unit, model K180.2 VS110 was commissioned in 2020. The system delivers 2.000 m3/h at 2,5 bar(g) and it is equipped with a variable speed drive.

Following the results of these two Rotary Vane units, PTT has ordered a new Pneumofore gas compressor system in 2021 to answer increasing production demands.

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