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CRAZYLOG designs and provides Quickbrain software that enables power plant operators to have control of cost optimisation, preventative maintenance, failure predictions, data management, and performance documentation.

Document management software for power plant operations

Quickbrain is a web-based, Cloud-hosted software to manage and monitor operations at power plants.

The solution is split into two main modules. The first is called E-DMS, which is a document management software (DMS) tool specially designed for organising technical documentation of waste management, wastewater treatment, energy, nuclear, and chemistry applications.

E-CMMS is the second module, which is computer-aided maintenance management tool that works alongside the E-DMS module.

Quickbrain data management system allows the user to record all the document metadata within one screen for future search.
The document management software enables the technical documents to be located easily using the full text search engine.
Software provides users with access to the documents for the position valves by clicking on them in the piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID).
The Quickbrain Autolink software extracts tags using the coding structure, which offers a simple solution for finding equipment documents.
The Quickbrain system allows the user to access an asset register and equipment details with resources, documents, and bills of materials.
The data management system includes an item datasheet with links to the equipment and spare parts.
CRAZYLOG’s data management system includes a maintenance schedule to organise preventive tasks.
The software includes a financial key performance indicator (KPI) for easy equipment costs follow-up.
Quickbrain uses a signal from a meter, which is allocated to equipment data records.
CRAZYLOG’s system features a health status for rotating equipment such as pumps.

E-DMS allows the users to manage technical documents such as drawings, piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID), as well as operations and maintenance manuals.

Documents are recorded and organised in different treeviews, while the user can easily copy, paste, and drag and drop files from one location to another.

The treeview can be a simple set of folders or can represent all the client’s plant assets with tag designation. This functional treeview can be linked to an existing computerised maintenance management system (CMMS).

Each document contains metadata to make it searchable, including text layer indexing for full text search, and can be used with status follow-up and automatic emails sent to the relevant operators.

Interactive tools to assess health of power plant equipment files

The main strength of CRAZYLOG’s solution is the capability to transform picture files into interactive drawings. This ‘Smart-Drawings’ functionality allows users to find documents relevant to a valve by clicking on its symbol in the P&ID interactive. It is also possible to locate the valve from its location (tag of the valve) in the treeview.

Smart tags for power plant equipment identification

Another function the Quickrain DMS module offers is Autolink. This algorithm was designed to analyse any readable document, including its text layer, and extract all the sequence of characters and numbers identified as an equipment tag.

The system extracts the ‘smart’ tags that work on the knowledge of the coding structure. From this information, Autolink is then able to compare tags in the document with those in the functional treeview (asset register), which allows for the automatic linking of documents to power plant equipment.

Inconsistent tags between the document and the treeview can be identified. Because the algorithm is not a simple ‘like-for-like’ comparison, it is possible to identify tags that are in the document, but not in the asset register, indicating that the document or the asset register needs to be updated.

Computer-aided maintenance management software for power applications

Quickbrain produces full computer-aided maintenance management software with its E-CMMS module. This allows the user to manage the asset register (treeview) and documents for power plant applications. All assets are related to an equipment model that contains preventative maintenance plans, resources, documentation, service instruction, spare parts and tools.

The machine maintenance plan for an asset is triggered according to a predetermined schedule or meter reading, and is either recorded manually or connected to a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) solution.

Quickbrain uses open platform communications (OPC) and IoT-based connectors for data collection, and all the preventive work orders can be scheduled graphically with an interactive calendar. Workforce allocations are carried out through the selection of tasks and by allocating them to maintenance engineers.

Corrective maintenance is initiated by an event (service request) on the equipment itself and an alert is sent if the equipment requires servicing. Action planning supports the maintenance manager to schedule corrective actions and to allocate resources effectively.

Predictive maintenance support is given to the operator through a ‘health status’ calculated from an automatic reliability field data analysis algorithm developed by CRAZYLOG’s partner BQR Ltd.

Risk and fail prediction software for power plant operations

Users of Quickbrain software are able to gather a risk and fail percentage of assets, and the time that the failure could occur is also available. This integrated predictive capability is a unique feature for a low-cost CMMS.

Quickbrain E-CMMS includes all the capabilities for stock inventory management with ‘first in, first out’ (FIFO) accountancy mechanism, while spare parts can be combined with the product when an action or a preventive task is assigned.

The hours spent on maintenance tasks are recorded through the software solution, with subcontracted services and spare parts usedlogged. In addition, finance key point indicators (KPIs) are generated for each component without any complex reporting tools.

Quickbrain is widely used in the energy, waste management and nuclear sectors, by companies such as Veolia, Engie, Airbus Safran Launcher, CNIM, Suez, and STX France.

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