hrl: Completes One-Month Testing Programme at Indonesia Power Station

hrl: Technology Group has recently completed a comprehensive one-month testing programme in an Indonesian power station. The testing involved turbine heat rate testing and determination of boiler thermal efficiency.

The testing and subsequent data evaluation and power plant modelling were performed to evaluate the impact of a fuel change on plant operation and efficiency, to assist in establishing the Power Purchase Contract for the plant, to determine future fuel usage and provide information for an upcoming turbine upgrade.

The programme was very successful and hrl: has been requested to perform similar work programmes for other Indonesian power plants.

hrl:’s plant performance team has extensive experience in thermal power plant performance testing and optimisation across Australia and South East Asia, including Indonesia, the Philippines, and Hong Kong.

The company combines high-tech calibrated field testing equipment, feasibility studies, laboratory and pilot-scale facilities, and the latest desktop modelling techniques. This is carried out to investigate and optimise process efficiency and deliver tested solutions that improve heat rates and electrical output, improve plant flexibility, including low load operation, reduce off-loading, and deliver on-going financial and environmental benefits.

hrl: applies its expertise in both large and small industrial scale boilers, raising steam and generating power, as well as in other plants operating at high-temperature and/or pressure.

Examples of industrial equipment that can be tested include boilers, mills, rotary air heaters, furnaces, rotary kilns, smelters, dust collection equipment, fans, and turbines.

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