Friterm continues to grow safely from local to global markets. Having been Eurovent-certified in heating and cooling coils for 18 years, Friterm took the first step in Eurovent’s Heat Exchanger (HE) certification programme by certifying its dry coolers in August 2018 as a result of long-term R&D studies.

Friterm completed the certification process for condenser products in February 2020 and expanded its certified product range by obtaining Eurovent certification approval by the certification institution Eurovent Certita Certification (ECC).

Friterm favours performance transparency in the sector. The company has certified its products and proved its reliability in capacity, pressure loss and sound level parameters. As one of the 13 companies that have Eurovent-certified dry coolers and condensers in the international market and the only company that has Eurovent-certified dry coolers and condensers in the domestic market, Friterm directs the principle of performance transparency in the sector.

Within the scope of Eurovent certification, our condenser series, which was also tested and verified in an accredited laboratory where the ECC institution was contracted, once again proved our reliability. In the upcoming period, we will continue our efforts to certify our evaporator series and our product lines that are naturally fluid due to our environmental awareness.