FritermFriterm is a manufacturer of custom-made finned-type heat exchangers and units for power transmission, combined-cycle power plants, power generators, large electrical motors, diesel engines / generators, cogeneration, gas turbine air intake systems, process cooling, and heating and heat recovery heat exchangers in ventilation systems.

The company has a broad range of products: transformer oil coolers, dry coolers, wet-dry coolers, LT/HT radiator coolers, finned type heat exchangers for combustion turbines, inlet air cooling and heating / anti-ice systems, air inlet heaters, preheaters and heat recovery systems.

Friterm, with the knowledge and experience of 34 years in the power sector, boasts reliable delivery and a prompt service.

Gas turbines air intake preheater / anti-ice

The operation of combustion gas turbines in cold climates can present a unique problem with inlet ice. Ice on the filters increases the pressure drop of the system, diminishing the power output and can lead to the turbine shutting down. One of the solutions for anti-ice is to use an inlet heat exchanger upstream of filters.

Friterm supplies heat exchangers for gas turbine air intake preheater / anti-icing.
Friterm designs and manufactures units for combustion turbine inlet air cooling systems.
Friterm's dry coolers are designed to meet specific cooling capacities, with less noise and less power consumption.
Friterm's wet-dry coolers with ecomech systems. As a result of an indirect water spray system, fins are not defected by water calcareous, which is prevented by mesh.
Condensing units for offshore applications.
Friterm LT-HT Radiator coolers / 2-Circuit dry coolers can be used on all motor / generator cooling systems
Friterm LT -HT Radiator cooler / 2-Circuit dry coolers can be vertical, horizontal or V –type according to footprint requirement.
Friterm's oil coolers can be equipped with turbulators in the tubes depending on the design, for an increased oil cooler efficiency.
Friterm high efficiency heat exchanger for run-around loop heat recovery systems.

Friterm designs and produces heat exchanger coils as OEM units for installation in filter houses. Heat exchangers are customised in order to fit the needs of the customer.

Combustion turbine inlet air cooling units

Friterm provides an optimum solution for turbine-generator systems’ combustion inlet air cooling used in the energy sector, with high production, design flexibility and large material combinations. Friterm designs and manufactures packaged units, consisting of highly-efficient cooling coil / heat exchangers, air filters and drop eliminators.

Dry cooler, wet-dry coolers-adiabatic cooling and condensing units

A wide range of tubes are available, such as copper, tin-coated copper, aluminium or stainless steel, as well as fin materials such as aluminium, aluminium alloys, epoxy coated aluminium, copper and many different tube geometries.

Besides this, Friterm supplies a wide range of fan diameters and a wide range of regulation systems in order to improve energy saving.

Friterm supplies dry coolers for several applications, industrial process cooling systems for a cooling alternative to an air conditioning system at a low temperature.

Motor / generator coolers, single or double heat exchangers

Circuits can be single or with two circuits, superimposed with two different temperature levels (LT, HT), depending on the plant requirements.

Friterm’s custom-made LT or HT radiator coolers / circuit dry coolers give their customers an optimum solution for reducing an engine-turbine system’s cooling water temperature, with high corrosion-resistant materials, assuring a long operation life.

The company also supplies dry coolers with accessories such as platforms, handrails, ladders, expansion tanks and fan speed control units.

Oil coolers

Friterm also designs and produces oil coolers. Turbulators can be equipped into the tubes, depending on the design, for increasing oil cooler efficiency.

Heat recovery

Heat exchangers for run-around loop heat recovery systems, including heat pipes are available in the Friterm product range.