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Heat-Transfer, Refrigeration and Cooling Systems

A-21/24, Naraina Industrial Area Ph II,
New Delhi 110 028 Other,

A-21/24, Naraina Industrial Area Ph II,
New Delhi 110 028 Other,

ICL-India has entered into the 21st century by using the most advanced computer-aided-design (CAD) programs to produce high-tech heat-transfer equipment, which has resulted in an outstanding offering of products.

The organization has four divisions (heat-transfer systems and projects, refrigeration projects, broad absorption chillers, and power-generation and cooling systems), each of which perform engineering, manufacturing and product marketing. Products available from ICL include:

  • Absorption chillers
  • Gas turbines
  • Air handling units and fan coil units
  • Air-cooled fluid coolers
  • Air-cooling units
  • Compressor packs
  • Compressors
  • Liquid overfeed systems
  • Insulated panel buildings
  • Axial flow fans

Heat-transfer equipment supply, installation and commissioning

ICL can commit to all engineering projects that are related to our business divisions to execute supply, installation and commissioning anywhere in India and its adjoining countries.

ICL has world-class international associates and alliance partners, and a highly dedicated team of engineers and manufacturing and marketing staff. We believe in the basic fundamental principles of business ethics. We continuously make improvements and moral obligations towards the growth of our national and international operations.

Indirect dry-cooling system

ICL offers the indirect dry-cooling Heller system with a natural draft and DC jet condenser. ICL is in strategic alliance with HAC – China in the Indian market. HAC has accomplished projects for more than 14,000MW around the world.

Direct air-cooled condensers (ACC) and direct-dry cooling system

ICL provides the mechanical draft direct dry-cooling system in association with HAC – China. The system saves 100% water.

HVAC systems

ICL, in association with BROAD – China, provides turnkey projects for air conditioning heating power with heat recovery systems (ACHP) and inlet air-cooling and process water-cooling systems. We have installed more than 150,000 TR in India.

Steam turbines

ICL distributes all types of steam turbines to the Indian market, ranging from 1.5MW to 30MW, in association with RUNH Power – China.

Air-cooled fluid cooler (ACFC)

The air-cooled fluid cooler (ACFC) saves 100% of water for engine jacket water-cooling. ICL has OEM tie-ups for process water cooling system supply with Rolls Royce, MAN, Cummins and Wartsila.

Ammonia and Freon refrigeration systems

ICL provides turnkey projects on cold storage ranging from 1,000MT to 50,000MT. We provide ammonia and Freon refrigeration systems and brine chilling systems.

Musandam Independent Power Project (IPP)

Musandam Independent Power Project (IPP) is a 120MW gas-fired power plant developed by Musandam Power Company (MPC) in the Musandam region of northern Oman.

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A-21/24, Naraina Industrial Area Ph II

New Delhi 110 028