Innospin’s Air-Cooled Condenser Retrofit Programme Eliminates 35MW Power Shortage

The combined cycle power plant in Kerman consists of eight gas turbines and four steam turbines, each with 160MW power output. In summer time the power plant was lacking 35MW of power output due to insufficient performance of the air-cooled condenser.

Innospin was asked by the local EPC client to assess the situation of the air-cooled condenser, designed and built by a third party, and to propose the necessary improvement measures.

A thorough investigation was performed by Innospin’s ACC designer and field specialists, including vacuum decay testing, sub-cooling measurement, leak testing, thermo-graphic analysis and performance cycle analysis. Three out of four ACC units revealed significant air leaks and one out of four ACC units was additionally flooded by condensate, all leading to significant higher steam turbine back pressure and consequent loss of power output.

The repair measures as proposed by Innospin were possible to be executed by the client locally within a short time period. The result is that lost MW was regained and the power plant was successfully handed over to the end user.

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