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Power Plant Systems

Innospin is an independent engineering company with a long track record of successful projects in power plant systems.

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Innospin is an independent engineering company with a long track record of successful projects in power plant systems.

Air-cooled steam condensers – design and engineering

During hot or freezing days, in deserts or urban areas, at high cross wind conditions, at full load or part load operation, in constraint or in open space, for renewable or conventional energy production, our supplied and installed air-cooled condensers are tailor designed and optimally integrated into our client’s power plant, delivering the highest possible efficiency and power production during the whole year, reliably, year after year, decade after decade.

This is our expertise, our commitment and our passion.

We have used our approach to realise more than 45 projects, working together with a wide range of customers in China, the Middle East, Asia and Europe. Our ACCs condense steam from turbines with a total power output of 22,300MW, using more than 2’100 cooling cells and 8.5 million metres of heat-exchanger tubing.

Air-cooled steam condensers – supply

Innospin can supply the complete air-cooled steam condensers as a turnkey installation.

On the other hand, Innospin offers as well to supply the key performance components together with the complete ACC design while our clients may choose to execute the steel structures and installation. The benefit of such tailored and shared business contracts is to the advantage of our client to optimize their investment cost while Innospin ensures and guarantees for the performance of the installed air-cooled steam condenser.

Power plant systems – planning, realisation and upgrading

The planning and realisation of power plant systems is one of Innospin’s core areas of expertise. We earn our customers’ trust through our many years of experience in planning and realising challenging tasks, from design and engineering, up to and including installation, commissioning and performance testing.

Our range of services includes:

  • Product design
  • Project feasibility studies and development
  • Basic and detailed project engineering
  • Procurement support
  • Manufacturing support
  • Construction site consulting
  • Renovation work and upgrading

We offer these services for the following power plant systems:

  • Balance of plant (BOP) systems
  • Water-steam cycle systems
  • Turbo-machine (gas turbine, steam turbine, compressor) auxiliary systems

Air Cooled Condenser Design and Engineering

Why buy a complete air cooled condenser (ACC) when you can carry out your own project locally? ACC design and engineering from Innospin provides you with unique additional value for your local EPC power plant business.

Into a New Era, the Wulashan Air Cooled Condenser

The Wulashan project is a breakthrough into a new business model. Wulashan was the first large air-cooled condenser to be successfully developed together with local customers with 100% local production in China.


Jurastrasse 58

CH-5430 Wettingen