GEI Industrial Systems and Innospin Enter Long-Term Cooperation on Dry Cooling

GEI Industrial Systems, based in Bhopal, India, is the leading supplier of air-cooled heat exchangers and air-cooled vacuum steam condensers for the oil, gas and power sector in India.

In order to serve the progressing requirements on dry cooling technology of the super critical thermal power stations in India, with steam turbines of up to 660 MWel, GEI and Innospin have formed an alliance to jointly supply air-cooled condensers, designed and equipped with the latest single row tube technology.

This cooperation secures the application of the most efficient dry cooling technology for India and significantly contributes to the conservation of water. Power plants are the third largest consumer of water in India, after human consumption and agriculture. Wet cooling systems are solely responsible for more than 95% of the water wasted in power plants. This excessive waste of water in power plants can be completely avoided if dry cooling technology with air-cooled condensers is applied.

While GEI will be the local general contractor for the supply and construction of air-cooled condensers, Innospin will provide the latest dry cooling technology, the basic and detail design as well as engineering services for supply, production and site.

This new cooperation with GEI sets an important milestone for Innospin’s unique business model to serve the worldwide dry cooling market by providing technology, design and engineering services to local EPC clients in India, China, Middle East, Europe, etc. with a record of 40 air-cooled condenser projects.

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