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1 Rutland Court, Manners Avenue, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, Manners Industrial Estate, DE7 8EF,Other, United Kingdom

1 Rutland Court, Manners Avenue, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, Manners Industrial Estate, DE7 8EF,Other, United Kingdom

Damper Technology Ltd (DTL) provides expert damper solutions to industry worldwide. From our head office in the UK and through our international sales network we offer a wide range of specially engineered quality damper products, including butterfly dampers, louver dampers, flap diverters, T-ducts (multi-louver diverters), stack dampers, poppet valves, guillotines isolators and radial vane (inlet vane control) dampers.

Our reputation for quality, innovation, reliability and cost-effectiveness continues to grow, making us one of the world leaders in the damper market place. DTL is proud to be part of the ORBINOX VALVES INTERNATIONAL (OVI) Group, a highly respected global brand name within the valve industry. With an international infrastructure and a presence in some 70 countries, OVI services many industries in which DTL is actively engaged.

Industrial dampers

DTL products are designed to meet the specific requirements and operating parameters of many different industries and applications, including CHP, WHRU and HRSG systems, offshore oil and gas, gas turbine exhaust, power generation, gas cleaning (FGD / SCR / DENOX / DESOX), stack isolation, fan inlet control, and many general industrial installations where the reliable isolation and control of gas / air is required.

Damper systems for offshore oil and gas installations

We have extensive experience supplying damper systems for offshore oil and gas installations together with the stringent quality assurance and documentary support that goes with them. With a team of highly experienced engineers DTL designs all products utilising the latest CAD and 3D modelling technology, including finite element analysis as appropriate.

Industrial damper systems

Quality is assured as DTL has been assessed and approved to ISO 9001:2008 specifically as an industrial dampers manufacturer. Our specially engineered dampers can be CE marked and designed to meet various regulations and requirements, including PED, ATEX and GOST.

As a leading industrial dampers manufacturer we pride ourselves on our customer-friendly approach to business, providing a flexible, efficient and responsive service to ensure the smooth execution of all orders, from the supply of spares to complex projects.

DTL’s ability to satisfy diverse and often demanding requirements is demonstrated by our impressive range of damper products and our extensive reference list. Contact us directly at our head office in the UK or via our international sales network. Alternatively you can request a brochure by visiting our website.

New Indian Venture for Damper Technology

UK-based engineering company Damper Technology Ltd (DTL) has announced it is opening an Indian subsidiary that is expected to start trading next month.

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