The certificate was issued by DQS on Nov, 30th 2021 after passing the multiple-step certification process. FRANKE-Filter thus receives a further certificate for its quality-oriented and environmentally conscious actions after the ISO 9001 (quality management).

Protection of the Environment is a matter of the heart and was already the basic idea behind the founding of the company in the year 1989. Manfred Franke, the founder, developed a process in which harmful oil mists are efficiently and precisely extracted, filtered and returned to the environment as clean air. Oil mist is created on all oil-lubricated rotating machines, such as turbines, generators, compressors and motors, where an oil reservoir is used. The oil separated by the filter elements is returned to the lubricating oil system without any loss of quality. This not only protects the environment but also saves resources.

Now the company has undergone a detailed life cycle assessment of its products. All incoming and outgoing flows of goods and processes, as well as the production methods, were examined in detail.

The aim was to implement the environmental policy set by the management, which entails a voluntary commitment to optimise environmental protection measures in the company.

This includes the systematic recording and compliance with all legal and official requirements, as well as the recognition and evaluation of opportunities and risks – thus enabling FRANKE-Filter to identify new fields of action in environmental protection and to devise strategies for dealing with the advancing climate change.

The regular monitoring audits and recertifications ensure that the existing measures are objectively assessed and continuously improved. In this way, corporate environmental protection as a whole is also continuously further improved.

“With the measures already implemented in the current year prior to certification, we have laid a foundation that sets the bar very high. For example, the entire lighting in the production halls has been converted to LED and major power guzzlers have been optimised. In addition, we now generate most of our own electricity thanks to the photovoltaic system installed in conjunction with the new CHP unit,” reports Managing Director Carsten Schmieding, “receiving the certificate is ultimately just the icing on the cake; the measures implemented behind it are more important.”

The progress in this respect is far from being completed for FRANKE-Filter. Further measures are in planning.

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