FRANKE-Filter Customised Oil-Mist Separators

The growing concern for environmental protection and the introduction of strict pollution standards for exhaust air were the basis for developing a filtration system which efficiently eliminates oil mist from the exhaust air of the lube oil system of rotating machines like turbines, motors, generators, etc.

Being both a designer and a specialised manufacturer of oil mist separators, FRANKE-Filter GmbH offers customised solutions for any type and size of:

  • Gas and steam turbines
  • Hydro turbines
  • Gas and diesel motors
  • Turbo-compressors and generators
  • Engines and gearboxes, etc.


Our systems are used worldwide in many power stations, refineries, sugar mills etc. wherever power is being generated. Renowned turbine manufacturers are including FRANKE-Filter oil mist separators in their package for newly erected power plants and also the retrofit business has an increasing demand for these separators. Turbine manufacturers applying our systems are e.g.:

  • GE: Frame 3,5,6,9, GFA – 7FA
  • Siemens: all gas turbines, all steam turbines
  • Alstom: GF 9,11,13
  • Hitachi: H25
  • Misc: Francis turbines, Pelton turbines, Kaplan turbines


The mode of operation of oil mist separators made by FRANKE-Filter is based on the coalesce effect. A vacuum is produced in the lube oil system and the air containing oil mist passes through micro-fibre filter cartridges where oil droplets are separated and flow back to the lube oil tank via an oil return pipe. Clean and dry exhaust air with a residual oil content of up to 1mg/m escapes into the open air or into the room.

Advantages offered by the system include:

  • Excellent cost / performance ratio due to customised solutions
  • Compliance with strict international exhaust air standards contributes to environmental protection
  • Recovery of expensive lube oil – depending on the size and volume flow of the turbine up to 2,000L of oil are separated from the exhaust air and fed back into the lube oil tank annually
  • Nearly no maintenance required: filter cartridges regenerate themselves and have a very long service life
  • Exact adjustment of depression in the lube oil system
  • High filter efficiency of 99.9% – mechanical separation of micro particles
  • Residual oil content in clean and dry exhaust air is far below 20mg/m


Apart from oil mist separators – our scope of supplies comprises oil and emulsion mist eliminators for machine tools, smoke filters for welding and soldering filters for the elimination of finest noxious substances.

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Press Release

FRANKE-Filter’s Oil Mist Separators Receive ASME IX Welding Certification

Oil mist separators from FRANKE-Filter have received the ASME IX welding certification, which is the most important regulation for the welding technology of pressure vessels and steam boilers in the American market.

White Papers

Oil Mist Separator

Oil Mist Separator is the technical term for filter systems that are installed at electricity generating turbines and generators.


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Press Release

4 April 2018

Oil mist separators from FRANKE-Filter have received the ASME IX welding certification, which is the most important regulation for the welding technology of pressure vessels and steam boilers in the American market.

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22 March 2018

Franke-Filter is an industrial company, which is specialized in manufacturing oil mist eliminators for lube oil tanks of rotating equipment such as gas, steam and hydro turbines, compressors, gas and diesel engines and generators.

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13 December 2016

As part of a major life extension programme, Franke-Filter has provided a first-class engineering solution to the on-running oil mist problems of a large nuclear power plant.

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28 October 2016

Oil Mist Separators from Franke-Filter have proven to be compliant with the high requirements of the pump-storage power plant Vianden in Luxemburg.

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10 November 2014

Franke-Filter, alongside its long-term partner and representative in Austria, Schmachtl GmbH, will participate at the 18th International Seminar on Hydropower Plants, taking place on 26 to 28 November in Vienna, Austria.

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30 September 2014

FRANKE-Filter Oil Mist Separators comply with high-quality demands and offer 99.9% filtration efficiency at gas and steam turbines, compressors, gears, engines, hydro turbines and other rotating equipment.

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9 September 2014

For the fifth year in a row, FRANKE-Filter GmbH is participating at the Hydro 2014 exhibition, taking place 13-15 October at Cernobbio, Italy.

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6 August 2014

FRANKE-Filter GmbH has presented its solutions for the filtration of oil mist on hydro turbines and generators at the APEMEC Expo 2014 hydro exhibition in Santiago, Chile.

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29 July 2014

Founded in 1989, FRANKE-filter GmbH is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

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Wiedhof 9

31162 Bad Salzdetfurth


Celiena Schober +49 (0) 5064 9040 +49 5064 904 18

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