FRANKE-Filter Oil Mist Separators comply with high-quality demands and offer 99.9% filtration efficiency at gas and steam turbines, compressors, gears, engines, hydro turbines and other rotating equipment. This is ensured by the in-house manufacturing process, design and close cooperation with customers on an individual basis. Another important aspect that ensures high-efficiency operation is the installation of original components and spare parts.

Recently, we have been receiving customer comments who, after many years of continuous operation of our filter units and replacement of spare parts, observed reductions in their lifetime and deterioration in separation efficiency.

During investigations it has often been discovered that the original filter elements have not been used, but other, more economical products which were described as 100% compatible. However, the compatibility refers primarily to the dimensions of the elements and not to the separation efficiency and lifetime.

The original filter elements of the series MFK supplied by FRANKE Filter are high-quality products subject to stringent controls in order to guarantee our customers the highest efficiency and long-time operation.

Original filter elements of the MFK-Series can be obtained directly from FRANKE Filter in Germany, as well as from our certified trade partners.

Should you have any queries regarding the filter elements or experience problems with the already installed products, you can always contact us on the tel: +49 5064 904 0 or email: