plastocor-international SA and The Chemours Company have announced a collaboration to conduct research into anti-fouling solutions for the energy market.

plastocor® is a global provider of cutting-edge long-term corrosion and erosion protection and repair solutions for condensers, heat exchangers and cooling water cycle equipment. Chemours is one of the global leaders in nonstick coatings and the owner of the Teflon brand.

The partnership idea stems from an assumption that nonstick surface characteristics can play an important role in the reduction of fouling in the targeted applications. The research will use ambient curing, non-VOC epoxy coating system made with plastocor® Technology as the base and will aim to enhance the system by adding typical Teflon coatings’ surface properties such as low friction and nonstick.

plastocor-international CEO Felicia Kreiselmaier said: “By joining forces with Chemours’ expertise in nonstick technology, we aim to bring an enhanced solution to our customers.

“Our prevailing excellent abrasion resistance and corrosion protection combined with outstanding nonstick properties will tackle the biofouling problem specifically. This will result in further reduction of unscheduled downtime and significant cost savings.”

The Chemours Company Global Product Manager Coatings Wilbert Broeksmit said: “It is always exciting when two companies like ours find each other and are able to merge the best of both technologies.

“There is no doubt in my mind that we will come up with a solution that will significantly improve anti-fouling in the targeted applications.”

Both companies will exhibit at PowerGen Europe 2019 in Paris on 12-14 November. To learn more about the anti-fouling research collaboration, join both Chemours and plastocor on Tuesday, November 12 at 11.30 am at Booth J20.