Exceptionally strong demand for advanced membrane wall panel lines has continued throughout the whole of 2008.

While the whole energy sector has been developing and investing heavily on new technology and capacity worldwide, Pemamek’s panel lines, which are based on extremely advanced automation and the use of a productive sub-merged arc (SAW) process, have further strengthened the company’s position as a market and technological leader. During the year new contracts have also been signed for Pema’s newly-designed tube prefabrication lines.

Installations have been completed and orders received from well-known companies like Alstom Power Boiler Service in Germany, SES Tlmace in Slovakia, Thermax in India and DB Thermal in South Africa. This high-tech complete solution for membrane wall panels will first be delivered to Russia in the first part of 2009 for Kashirskiy Zavod Metallokonstruktsiy (ZIO SAB) and also to Vitkovice Heavy Machinery in Czech Republic.

All of these customers share the same need, which is to improve productivity and shorten production times. They all share the same reasons for choosing Pema’s solution; Pemamek is known as an extremely reliable supplier with impeccable references and the world’s most advanced technologies.