Ormazabal will supply its low looses distribution transformers and special solutions required by the Polish electrical market after winning a public tender to supply Energa.

Energa is the third biggest Polish utility, with an annual production of 20TWh, which represents 17% of the country’s production. Furthermore, Energa is the number one renewable energy producer in Poland; 13% of its production comes from renewable resources.

Growing energy demands, higher quality requirements in energy supply and the priority to reduce the consumption of natural resources require the use of equipment which
responds with high levels of reliability, safety and energy efficiency.

Ormazabal manufactures a wide range of dielectric liquid immersed distribution transformers, compliant with all of the requirements in current international regulations and adapted to our clients’ own special needs with a range of powers from 25kVA to 2,500kVA and insulation levels up to 36kV.