Rolls-Royce, the global power systems company, today announced orders worth over $200m for electrical power generation equipment from customers in Australia, Bangladesh, Spain, Venezuela and Yemen.

Announcing the new orders at the Power-Gen Europe conference in Amsterdam, Charlie Athanasia, Rolls-Royce, executive vice-president – power generation, said: “We are very pleased to announce these new contracts which demonstrate the growing confidence power generators have in our technology and track record of delivery.

“Rolls-Royce Bergen products remain extremely competitive and we have now sold Trent units to operators in 19 countries. Rolls-Royce is not only delivering the extra power our customers need, but our advanced technology also creates lower emissions levels, benefiting the environment.”

The new orders consist of 25 Bergen diesel engines, five Bergen gas engines and six Trent 60 gas turbines, which in total are capable of producing over 560MW of electrical energy for the five new customers.

The largest contract announced today, valued at $75m, is from Bangladesh’s largest EPC Company, Energypac Power Generation for 24 Rolls-Royce Bergen B32:40, 16-cylinder diesel engines, to be owned by the Bangladesh Power Development Board. Sixteen engines will provide 100MW of power at the Gopalgunj power station and eight engines will provide 50MW of electrical power at Faridpur following entry into service in August 2011.

All the engines will run on heavy fuel oil and will supply electricity to the country at times of peak demand as part of a significant power development programme initiated by the country’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina who is also in charge of the ministry for power.

Contracts from Australia and Venezuela will see a total of six Rolls-Royce Trent 60 gas turbine electrical generating packages delivered with a value of $110m.

In Darwin, Australia, the Power and Water Corporation has selected two Trent 60 packages to deliver 116MW at their Channel Island power station, helping provide electricity to a region where power demand is increasing by 4% per year. The two Trent units will increase the generation capacity by about 25%.

The Florida, USA-based Camelot Technologies Group International has contracted with Rolls-Royce to supply four new Trent 60 gas turbine generating sets to be installed in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela. At least two of the units are scheduled to enter commercial operation in 2010 with another two due to be online in the first quarter of 2011.

A new oil processing installation at a remote desert location in Yemen will use a combination of Rolls-Royce gas and diesel engines to provide 16MW of base load electrical power. Kentz Overseas limited has ordered three Bergen B35:40 12 cylinder gas fuelled engines, along with a single 12-cylinder Bergen B32:40 diesel engine, in a contract valued at $14m. The gas for the B35:40 engines will be associated gas, which is currently being flared.

Finally, NUFRI, one of the largest fruit production and processing companies in Spain, has ordered two Bergen B35:40 16-cylinder gas engines for their fruit juice operation in Mollerussa, Spain. The engines will supply an efficient and reliable source of heat and power for 4,500 hours of operation annually.

There are currently over 150 Bergen gas engines operating across Spain in industries, including food, plastics, ceramics, paper and chemical.