A pioneer in the development of aeroderivative gas turbines for the world’s energy markets, Rolls-Royce has sold over 5,200 industrial gas turbines to over 500 customers in more than 80 countries, and has achieved over 145 million hours of operating experience.

In simple cycle power generation installations, Rolls-Royce aero-engine technology is utilized to produce aeroderivative gas turbine generating sets of 5MW to 58MW, including the 501 at approximately 5MW, the RB211 at about 32MW, and the Trent 60 at up to 58MW. More than 45,000MW of Rolls-Royce electrical power has been installed worldwide.

501 industrial gas turbine

Over 2,500 Rolls-Royce 501 industrial gas turbines have been supplied to customers worldwide, accumulating an impressive 65 million operating hours. This success is testimony to the efficiency, ease of maintenance and high availability delivered by the dependable 501 design.

The engine provides power output between 4MW and 6MW, and is based on the proved T-56 turboprop engine, recognized for its reliability in the Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules transport aircraft.

More than 2,500 Rolls-Royce 501 industrial gas turbines, with power output between 4MW to 6MW, have been supplied to customers in 40 countries.
Industrial RB211 power gensets, from 27.5MW to 44MW, are available in a wide variety of configurations to meet individual project requirements, in both gas and dual-fuel versions.
At up to 64MW, the Trent 60 is the most powerful aeroderivative gas turbine on the market.
All Rolls-Royce gas turbines are backed by a global world-class aftermarket organization offering everything from spare parts to engineered solutions, to long-term service agreements.

RB211 industrial gas turbine

The industrial RB211 is the ultimate blend of long experience and proven technology. The result is a power generator with outstanding reliability, simplicity and maintainability. In 2010 the fleet of over 600 industrial RB211s will have clocked over 26 million operating hours.

In 2010, the latest version of the engine, the RB211-H63, was launched into the energy market with a power rating 11MW more than the best previous model. Producing up to 44MW it is available for co-generation, simple or combined cycle applications. As with all RB211 models, it can run on liquid, or gas fuels, or a combination of both.

The RB211 uses a three-shaft design to maintain high efficiency and power output throughout the operating range.

Trent 60 gas turbine

Derived from the Trent high by-pass ratio aero engine in service on the Airbus A330 and Boeing 777, the industrial version, the Trent 60, is the most powerful and efficient aeroderivative gas turbine on the market. At 42% efficiency, its unique three-shaft design utilizes well-proven, cutting edge aerospace components, materials and technologies.

The Trent 60’s distinctive advantages include an innovative modular concept, flexible design, and service solutions tailored to customers’ specific needs, at both 50Hz or 60Hz without a gear. Dry low emission versions are available up to 52MW, and Wet low emission configurations boast powers to 64MW at ISO conditions. Both versions guarantee 25ppm NOx.

Designed for both quick installation and ease of maintenance, the Trent 60 package facilitates engine change-out in less that 24 hours, and is capable of being split into three interchangeable modules that make on-site module swapping possible for further maintenance time savings. The unit delivers cold start to full power in under ten minutes.

Customer service business

All Rolls-Royce industrial gas turbines are backed by a world-class, global customer service organization. From the supply of spare parts, to equipment upgrades and enhancements, to long term service agreements, Rolls-Royce can custom-tailor service solutions to meet the exacting needs and requirements of each individual customer.

A prime example of our commitment to aftermarket excellence is our on-line service community, energymanager-online, which provides customers with access to technical documentation 24 hours a day, seven days a week.