Rolls-Royce, a leading global power systems company, has been awarded contracts to provide 11 Bergen B32:40 diesel engine-powered generating sets to the electrical authorities of Tanzania and Madagascar. Their role will be to help both countries meet their increasing demand for electricity to support economic and industrial growth from late 2011 onwards.

“We are extremely pleased to be helping the people of Tanzania and Madagascar by providing a much needed supply of electricity. Our reputation for on time delivery and reliable operation will enable the projects to be operational on schedule producing clean, efficient electric power to meet the growing energy requirements of both countries,” said Charlie Athanasia, executive vice-president of power generation – energy.

Working with its consortium partner, Semco Maritime, Rolls-Royce will install ten B32:40V16 sets, each rated at 6.29MW, in Mwanza, the second largest city in Tanzania. The 60MW power station is scheduled to be completed within 12 months from the contract date.

The flexibility of the engines to burn heavy fuel oil was one of the key reasons the country’s electrical supply company, Tanesco, selected the Rolls-Royce Bergen B32:40 engines for the new station. This repowering project will replace a number of older diesel generating sets that are scheduled for disposal due to the high cost of maintenance.

The contract for the 11th Bergen B32:40 powered generating set was awarded by Broadcrown, an independent manufacturer of power generation systems with group headquarters in England. This generating set will use a nine-cylinder engine, also burning heavy fuel oil, and will be installed at the Mahajanga power station operated by Jirama, the Madagascar electric utility.

The contract awarded to Rolls-Royce by Broadcrown includes the supply of strategic spare parts and the labour required to commission the installation, which will be sited on the north-west coast of the Indian Ocean Island, the fourth biggest island in the world.