Rolls-Royce, the global power systems company, has won new orders totalling over £22m for its high output, technologically-advanced Bergen reciprocating engines. They will be used to provide electricity and heat for industrial uses in Russia, Spain and Holland.

Eight Bergen gas engines and five diesel engines will together produce more than 80MW of energy for a diamond mine in Russia; a major wood products plant, food production factories and a paper mill in Spain; and greenhouses in Holland.

In Russia, five B32:40V12 liquid fuel diesel engines, each producing 5.2MW, will provide power for pumping, refining and ancillary services at the massive Lukoil diamond mine in the Arkhangelsk region of the Russian Federation, an excavation some 525m deep and 1.25km in diameter. Rolls-Royce will provide Russian power supply company NG Energo with a robust and reliable source of power in a remote location with extreme environmental conditions.

Graham Gate, Rolls-Royce, director – Diesels Power Business, said: “Our equipment provides customers with market-leading standards of reliability and availability, whatever their business and however demanding their operations and environments. All our customers, from large-scale diamond miners to fruit farmers, need a dependable and efficient supply of power.”

Spanish businesses ordering engines include the Ghesa Papertech paper mill in Tudela, Navarra (one BV20 rated at 8.5MW), wood products specialist Unemsa Tojeiro of Coristanco (one BV16 rated at 7.3MW), IESA Intermalta Energía for a malt production factory in San Adrian, Navarra (one BV16 rated at 6.7MW), the OTSI Garcia Carrion fruit-juice manufacturer in Daimiel, Ciudad Real (one BV20 rated at 8.3MW) and food producer Sampol Campofrio in Burgos (three BV12 engines totalling 15MW).

A single Bergen BV:35:40V16 engine will provide Agro Care with 7.5MW of power for their Middenmeer site in Holland, where it will join two other Bergen B35:40V20 gas engines installed in 2007. Their power provides the greenhouses with heat and light to grow millions of tomatoes all year-round.