Camfil Power Systems has announced the development of the CamGT 3V-600. This new inlet air filter has an innovative proprietary design meeting all requirements of the latest gas turbines, diesel engines and compressors for increased performance and output, while maximizing yield and minimizing operating costs

Today, turbine operators often specify an EPA class range of E10 to E12 (EN 1822), which prevents engine fouling but has other side effects. While the interior of the engine may be cleaner, the pressure drop can rise, reducing the turbine’s power output. Fuel consumption can also increase without boosting output.

CamGT 3V-600 delivers the same filtration with no airflow restriction and without reducing turbine output. The design features a 600mm-deep frame fitting almost 50m² of media in one single cartridge. Filtration efficiency is higher than 99.5% (MPPS, most penetrating particle size). Dust holding capacity is the highest in the industry for this type of filter. A longer replacement cycle also reduces installation, removal and disposal costs significantly.

Tested design for high safety

Aerodynamic grids have been added to the air exit sides of the CamGT 3V-600 to minimize pressure and prevent the media from bulging or bursting when there are extreme peaks in pressure drop. To ensure the highest safety factor, the filter has also been thoroughly tested in Camfil’s unique gas-turbine test rig by simulating dust-loaded, high-humidity conditions with a high concentration of salt.

The new double-sealed design – based on the same bonding technique used in ULPA-class cleanroom filters – prevents air bypass, a common phenomenon in ordinary inlet air filters that lets salt, coarse and submicron particles bypass the filter. This can foul or wear down turbine interiors, resulting in unnecessary and expensive downtime.

The vertical pleats and open separators also allow trapped water to drain freely, avoiding re-entrainment of dissolved impurities and keeping the pressure drop low in high-humidity conditions.

These features makes the CamGT 3V-600 the leading choice for land-based, coastal and offshore environments in the power generation industry and oil and gas sector, where air inlet filters are essential for the operation of gas turbines and other turbo machinery, and when engine availability is the main concern for operators.