Tracks for a new high-speed railway are being built to expand infrastructure for the next Winter Olympics, to be held in South Korea in 2018. The goal here is to connect the capital, Seoul, with the host town of Pyeongchang. The eight brand new trains and total of 150 wagons entailed in the project are to be produced by Korean manufacturer Hyundai Rotem.

A zinc flake system from DELTA-MKS® is to be employed in the area of the bogies. This system comprises a base coat, which provides cathodic protection, and an organic top coat to seal the surface. One particular feature here is the minimal thickness of the coat, 8-12µm – other corrosion protection systems are typically 80-120µm – which achieves corrosion durability of over 720 hours in salt spray tests (SST) in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9227.

In addition to fasteners, coatings are also to be applied to large stamped and bent parts as well as custom-manufactured components. The subcontractors of Hyundai Rotem can also turn to a qualified network of licensed coaters in South Korea, selected according to global standards – this is how uniform quality is guaranteed worldwide.

DELTA-MKS products are manufactured by Dörken MKS-Systeme, based in Herdecke, Germany. The European market leader in chromium(VI)-free coating systems produces exclusively in Germany, but is present worldwide in all standard specifications of leading OEMs.