As part of our continuous product improvement, TECSYSTEM has introduced a new option on the T154 control unit for temperature monitoring.

The new option, available over the special characteristics of the base unit T154, provides the opportunity to take advantage of the new feature VOTING.

As its well-known, the system to acquire the temperature is made using the control unit in conjunction with a Pt100 sensor (named ‘sensitive element’).

The temperature variation is identified by the acquisition of an analog electrical low level signal, few millivolts. This condition means that any magnetic, electrical or false contacts, generated by faulty installation of the product, can influence the signal from which is derived the value of temperature.

In order to avoid downtime, not caused by an actual failure of the transformer, resulting in unplanned production stop, we have developed and introduced this innovative feature combined with the dynamic state of the Pt100 sensors.

TECSYSTEM, always a step ahead to satisfy our customer’s needs!

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