Plasticon Composites has launched its new website, which is dynamic, responds to the needs of the online world and presents the company’s experiences and potential.

Through this new design, we aim to serve both our current and future customers and relations. The website aims to provide information about what we offer, targeting different groups and providing a clear overview in an easy-to-use format.

Besides a new website, Plasticon Composites has also introduced a new corporate image and style. The new branding strategy is a worldwide strategy to strengthen our activities for our customers under one flag and one name.

Over the past few years, we have become a unique group with global coverage with a wide range of products and services and extensive knowledge.

As we have grown, the organisation has acquired a new identity: an international multidisciplinary group. We embrace our strength as a group by adopting this modern, unique and corporate image.

Explanation of the image

The arches symbolise the shape and composition of our products.
‘Plasticon’ is a brand name recognised by industrial markets, derived years ago from the combination of words ‘Plastic Constructions’.

‘Composites’ stands for our group and implies a composition of different areas of expertise and knowledge, diverse people and cultures and a broad portfolio of products and services.

The colour blue symbolises ‘calm, confident, dignity, established, loyal, power, success, secure and reliable’.

Polem, one of the group members, has also changed its logo. Orange arches have been added to the logo to make it visually part of the family.