Nuclear AMRC at University of Sheffield in the UK and Finnish company Pemamek, designing and manufacturing welding automation solutions for various fields of industry, have entered a research partnership this month.

With the research partnership the British Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (NAMRC) and industrial company Pemamek combine university innovations with industry expertise.

The partnership is a win-win situation. The research centre works with members, such as Pemamek, to develop world-leading manufacturing processes and technologies. They have three key work programmes, underpinned by a range of business support initiatives:

  • Manufacturing process R&D. Working with the nuclear manufacturing supply chain to develop the technical capability to compete on cost, quality and delivery
  • Quality requirements. Giving manufacturers clarity and knowledge on nuclear codes and standards; helping them meet and exceed the requirements
  • Training and skills development. Ensuring that the nuclear manufacturing supply chain has the skills required to compete in the global market

Pemamek will provide for NAMRC R&D project results and software support, start-up support and development services for designing new innovative welding automation solutions for different industrial fields.