The rubber and plastics industry needs to thermo-regulate temperatures with high precision and affordability during production processes.

This is achieved by using employing thermo-regulating units; as in the case of a customer producing tyres for automotive, Tempco supplied a series of thermo-regulating units, T REG TCPU HCE, installed on each production line of steel reinforcement wires for the breaker tyre’s structure, to ensure maximum resistance to the bead, protecting it from shocks and vibrations on the tyre’s tread.

The production plant needed a system able to supply hot water at 140°C to the whole facility: studying the peculiar production organization, it was decided to switch from an early project with a unique thermal unit, to a smarter solution for the customer, studied to customise temperature regulation on each production line, and at the same time optimising energy consumption, splitting thermo-regulation in different temperature set-points and achieving maximum flexibility.

A series of T REG HCE thermo-regulating units has been installed using pressured water, one for each single line, that can then be activated following the real production needs, customising process temperatures requested and saving energy, in addition to the great advantage of ensuring production continuity due to the spare thermal machines with more thermo-regulating units installed.

Tempco T REG HCE thermo-regulating units were created to fit the specific needs of plastic and rubber industry sector, in order to ensure a precise and affordable control of process level temperatures in working fluids.

The range of thermo-regulating units T REG TCPU – Tempco Package units – by Tempco includes electrical capacities from 3kW up to 150kW, with the option to engineer higher powers; it is available in three different lines, according to the thermo-regulating fluid used and depending on involved temperatures:

  • Water up to 90°C
  • Pressured water up to 140°C
  • Diathermic and high temperature diathermic oil up to 350°C

T REG HE and HCE thermo-regulating units by Tempco are skid units for the fine regulation of process temperatures, complete, pre-mounted and turnkey ready, equipped with all the essential machinery for the thermal transfer and for process thermostatation. The thermo-regulating units employ indeed electric heating, high efficiency plate heat exchangers for cooling with air or water, electronic PID thermo-regulator, that offers the higher precision in working temperature’s control, both in heating and cooling phase working on a series of pre-arranged temperature level set-points.

Typical Tempco thermo-regulating unit composition comprises:

  • Electric heating
  • Water or air heat exchanger cooling
  • Recycling pump
  • Electrical board
  • Electronic PID thermo-regulator
  • Expansion tank

T REG units can also be engineered in PED, ATEX and UL execution, to answer specific requirements. The thermo-regulation series units supplied for the tire plant production were at last also equipped with:

  • PID control
  • Remote command
  • Resistance’s management through SCR static relays

This can guarantee the easiest management of thermal cycles in the plant’s thermoregulation, achieving the best optimisation of all production processes.