BAEST Machines & Structures manufactures and designs high-quality steel tanks and welded steel and stainless technological structures for the heating, environmental, petrochemicals and chemical industries, among others.

Based in the Czech Republic, BAEST is a medium-sized company with a comprehensive portfolio of services, including:

  • Project design
  • Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Operations and logistics
  • Engineering

Pressure tanks, vessels and containers for steel constructions

We are EN ISO 9001:2009, EN ISO 1400, OHSAS 18001 and PED23EG / AD200-HP0 / EN3834-2 approved. We can design and manufacture pressure tanks, vessels and containers for welding steel constructions.

Furthermore, we have been awarded 18800-7:2008-11 Class E and EN ISO 1090-2, EN ISO 15085 certificates for the welding of steel structures used in rail vehicles.

Our double-mounted carbon steel tanks can store 250m³ of fuel.
Anion-exchange filters are used for water treatment purposes.
Heated tanks store hot bitumen.
Rectangular silos are used to store bulk materials.
Dynamic stress-welded steel constructions are used as supply pipes.
A stainless steel tank, which is intended for chemical crystallisation.
Underground fuel stations are manufactured using the ‘mini-building kit’.
An overground petrol station.

As well as this, BAEST is involved in the supply of conventional energy, production of renewable resources and the nuclear power industry.

Single and double-shell carbon tanks for liquid storage

BAEST’s high-tech devices allow for continuous production and are exported around Europe. Our single and double-shell carbon and stainless tanks are mainly used to store liquids.

We also produce pressure containers, which come in horizontal and vertical versions. An un-split version has a diameter of 4,000mm, volume of 250m³, pressure of 25bar and weight of up to 50t.

We also provide pressure tanks that can be used for the conservation of warm water for communal and industrial uses. These are approved by TÜV.

Steel silos, hoppers and bulk storage containers

Our steel silos, hoppers and bulk storage containers are used in the building, food and chemistry industries, among others.

Silos and bunkers, which come in circular and angular versions, are transported either in one piece or numerous parts. These are up to 300m³ in volume and 30t in weight.

Steel structures and silo frames for hoppers and bunkers

A modernisation programme, together with our experience in producing steel structures and international welding permissions, means that BAEST can manufacture base frames, frames for silos and towers, which are used for hoppers and bunkers.

Stainless steel products and welding technology

A separate stainless steel workplace, superior welding technology and welding certification allow the company to design and manufacture stainless steel to class 1.4301, 1.4501 and 1.4541. BAEST Machines & Structures also provides supply vessels, tanks, silos, pipelines, columns, chimneys and weldments.

Customised underground and overground petrol stations

BAEST can manufacture and supply made-to-measure petrol stations, including underground and overground stations in various versions for fuel and oil / petrol supplies. We build a range of stations, including ‘factory’ stations and those found on motorways.

The company has made more than 300 filling stations in the Czech Republic and other countries.