BAEST Machines & Structures is an engineering, manufacturing and trading company with a manufacturing programme focused primarily on the production of steel tanks, silos, tanks and steel structures for power engineering, ecology, chemical and petrochemical industries, as well as engineering and construction.

The main activity of the company is design (calculation), drawing documentation, manufacturing and installation of steel and stainless steel tanks. The main products are pressure vessels, large storage tanks for CHP technologies, gas tanks, tanks for waste water and other liquid and loose media.


Top quality production is a necessity. BAEST’s investments last year were directed into this area, particularly in the development and its application to the production programme.

The new computing facility was built in 2013. This centre provides treatment of static and dynamic calculations, simulations of models functionality, as well as the design process of products for the energy, environmental and other sectors. There was also the development of CAD / CAM solutions for the efficient execution of orders.

This year, the company has focused on increasing production productivity and offset technology options, with production expanding in the thick-walled tanks and pipeline production, as well as high pressure vessels manufacturing.


This is done with the support of European funds in a project aimed at upgrading the production of tanks, reservoirs and product lines, including the necessary development of manufacturing technology.

The company aims to build a modern European tank production centre and become the European market leader.